"Watto's Lotto '03" raffle


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How about we just say whoever gets 1138 is automatically the winner, eh?

So let's see, who would that be?



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and the winner is...

0649 Jedi Yun

You have 1 week to email or PM me to claim your prize. Congrats! Thanks to everyone who played this year. The new round of lotto will start in a few weeks, I need a little time to recuperate. :)

Darth Boru

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Huge congratulations to Jedi Yun, the Force was definitely with you!

Enjoy the vacation WC (and thanks for the competition - great, as always), we'll all be ready for the next one, so rest thee well ;)


Congratulations Jedi Yun ... And of course many thanks to Wookiee Cookiee for all her hard work this past year with the game ... looking forward to next year's installment after your well deserved break.
Congratulations to the winner of this Lotto, and thanks a bunch to both The Bothan Spy and Wookiee Cookiee for all your wonderful giveaways during 2004.


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The prize went unclaimed, so we pick a new winner...

1128 jfrog2002

You have 1 week to email or PM me and claim your prize. :D


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starfox27 said:
Congrats jfrog, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings none if you do not claim your prize either! :)

Sorry, no such luck this time! A little birdie told me that I won! (Thanks little birdie!)

And thanks go to Wookiee_Cookiee for this contest. I love this one...especially since I FINALLY won something! :)