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Interstellar Buccaneer
I have a simple question... is Star Wars insider the only magazine that prints half an article and then expects you to pay for an online service to read the other half?


I wouldn't doubt it. I think it's all a part of Lucas' vision to one day be totally digital.

It's not like they cut you a deal either. Being a member of the Star Wars Fan Club nearly requires a bank loan these days. No wonder people are so critical of Lucas.


Darth Boru

Celtic Sith
Its a real shame that the whole merchandise / fandom thing has taken on this edge of scalping people. Every figure gets re-issued multiple times, every so-called limited edition gets a new lease of life in a slightly altered state....etc

The latest one to cheese me off is the mini sabers. First they come out with 3 sabers (Luke, Windu, Obi Wan - Ewan). Cool, lets get one of each, they're nice!

Then you find out theres another Obi-Wan version, this time 'as first built' with the Alec Guinness model. Follow this with the 'weathered' UK excusive Alec model. At this point you discover 5% of the run are 18c gold.........then they reveal a Luke version thats completely chrome and an ebay exclusive.....All this is just the first wave - 9 sabers (unless I missed one?) for a wave of 3.

Most of the non standard versions are going for mortgage style money....

Its all happening again now with the Sith wave ( Vader, Maul, Dooku).

Just a small example of greed setting in and beginning to turn solid fans and collectors away.

Right, down off the soap box now.... :)

Jedi 1073

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I really don't think Lucas has that much "hands on" with every thing, it's most likely the fan club President responsible for this incursion. Sure you can blame him for a lot of things, but not every thing.


Interstellar Buccaneer
I wasn't blaming Lucas... but I do think it's absurd, especially since the quality seemed to take a major hit when they switched companies...