Whos going to C4?


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I will be going for hopefully all five days. I cannot wait. The guest list keeps getting better.

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hi Matt,

I'm afraid thats not how we do things here dude. This site is a community, who help each other out. we do not do this for any kind of profit.

If you'd like to be part of the community, thats fantastic, you'll be extremely welcome, but please dont just visit to sell stuff.


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It's great that you will be attending C4. If you want to help out fellow autograph collectors, that is fine, but this is not the way to go about it.

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Anyone going to C4 who's got a room and needs / wants to share expenses? Drop me a PM if so.

Pre-ordering of tickets finishes at the end of the month so thats the 'do or die' 'go / no go' deadline for me.

Currently room availability within a reasonable distance is nil. No point in getting flights, 4 day ticket etc and then face long commutes every day. That'd be like queuing all over again. Been there :p

Truth be told, I'm mainly going to try to get Anthony Daniels autograph, the GG exclusives and to meet the Spys of course. If I end up not going, I'll miss out on meeting the Spys, but maybe Mr Daniels will be at Celebration Europe and the GG stuff can probably be found in auctions for less than the cost of planes and hotels.......all things considered, that may be the sensible course of action in the end?? Undecided, totally undecided.

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Bought Fan Club membership and a 4 day pass.

The die is now cast. I'm definitely going. Just need somewhere to stay. Anyone want to split costs on a room?

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Thanks guys, most appreciated.

I'm now hooked up, all set for the trip. Only need to sort out flights :)

Many thanks to all who responded. See you there!!