Server Issue


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We had a cable go bad in our server which caused the site to be down for most of the day yesterday. The issue has been fixed and I believe there should be no further downtime in the near future.


Borsk said:
It happens sometimes.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I really hate it when it's other people's stupidity at fault. IE- Person unplugged the router to the server at my work because they felt like the plug wasn't doing anything useful and they wanted to plug something else in, so they unplugged it. Then they proceed to come running to me when they can get on the stupid internet. :banghead:

Darth Boru

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A friend of mine had that happen to a server once. Someone unplugged it as they thought it had no purpose and would save on the electricity bill by having it turned off.

They assumed a computer with no-one sitting at it couldn't possibly be in use!!

Later, the machine was set up with a UPS (uninteruptable power supply) which is a little machine that sits next to the server, acting as battery backup should power fail (or be turned off!). Both had big 'do not switch off / unplug' signs attached.

The aforementioned person happened by again, saw the signs but examined the machines anyway. Apparently there was a switch on the back that said "240v - 110v". Logically(or so this person thought), it would cost less to run at the lower setting, so the switch was duly flicked. The ensuing 'bang' and smell of burning plastic lead to a huge bill for a new UPS and that person being banned from the building........


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In the case of the TBS server, it was the wiring inside the box. So, it's not really anyone's fault. But, I had to wait for someone at the location to fix it.