Rancor Pit 5 Begins Monday



The fifth in our series of character tournaments is set to begin Monday morning. The theme of this one is horror, although characters from monster movies and thrillers are included.

The rules remain the same. There are 128 participants, and each will be paired off with another character in a three-day poll. At the end of the poll, the character with the most votes advances. The loser is dumped into the Rancor Pit.

The process is repeated, pairing off winners in each successive round until only one remains, and is crowned Rancor Pit Champion.

In the event of a tie, the first tie-breaker will be to add up the post replies showing support for one of the characters (only one reply per member counts). The reply must clearly state your choice. This is to encourage interaction in the tournament. If still tied, then a winner is chosen by coin toss.

Have fun, and we'll have to see who wins this one. Should be very interesting. Any predictions?