It is time for our annual Jeopardy contest. Rules are forthcoming, but here are the immediate details.

Date: Saturday, October 8/2005 @ 6:00 pm EST.

I chose this date because most people will not be working weekends. It enables our friends in Great Britain and the surrounding area to play at 11:00 pm their time, while our large contingent of Australian members will be able to participate as well - as long as they can wake up for a Sunday 8:00 am start time. ;) This is probably the best time that won't inconvenience one group of members too much.

The game will be held in the TBS chatroom. There will be an official gameboard with 'answers' revealed in chat. First person to correctly give the question for the answer will get the appropriate points. Be careful though, a wrong answer will result in deducted points.

The winner will get to choose from one of two prizes, supplied by site sponsor Legends. Second place will receive the other prize.

Here is what you are playing for.

500th Edition Darth Vader


Unleashed Aurra Sing


Good luck to all. Official game rules will be posted soon.


Sorry WC. I know you weren't available for the earlier date I had proposed either. :(

I seem to remember this lasting on average 2 hours or so. Maybe you could join in later?