Interview with Guy Siner


Dark Lord of the Typos

The Bothan Spy recently had the opportunity to interview Guy Siner, in which he recounted many fascinating tales of his career.

A veteran actor and writer, Guy Siner's talents can be seen in numerous movies and television series, including several classic Sci-Fi series. Perhaps best known for his role on the BBC's 'Allo 'Allo!, he has also appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean and lent his voice to several Star Wars video games.

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New Recruit
Nice interview. Mr. Siner is very nice. I had written him for my Pirates collection and learned he'd done Star Wars VG's too. Very excited when he signed. Thanks for reminding people who he was in Pirates (he was in the VERY first scene of the very first movie... I've not seen him in 'Allo 'Allo! but if BBC every broadcasts it, I'll be sure to watch.


Dark Lord of the Typos
Thanks! It was a pleasure interviewing Mr. Siner, and I enjoyed learning about him and his career. I too have never seen Allo Allo, but from teh sounds of it, I'd like it. Some of it is out on dvd, so one day I'll pick up teh first season. :)