Hey, I'm new.


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Just registered, there doesn't seem to be a new members section anywhere, so I'll just post this here. I hope to meet some new people, make some new friends while I'm here. I've been lurking for a little while and you all seem really nice. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ^.^



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Hate to sunder my reputation so early into my welcoming into the community. But I came here about 3 years ago and stayed for just under a year. My username was Dark Jedi. Looking back on some of my old posts, I was a complete douche. I'm here now, and I'm asking for you to look past how I used to be. I'm alot different now and frequent several other forums where I am a reasonably liked member of the community. I no longer double post on a daily basis, I also no longer hotlink other people's material or make completely inane posts that don't contribute to the topic at all. This was my first forum ever and I didn't understand internet etiquette at the time. I only hope you can accept my apology and re-welcome me to The Bothan Spy forums.

-Napalm (Formerly known as Dark jedi)


Well, welcome Napalm, and it's good to see you have grown a little. Hopefully things work out better this time. Cheers!



Welcome back :) even though I probably wasn't here when you first started posting so really you've got a blank slate with me :)


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I do not recall why your other account was suspended. However, I'm sure there was a very valid reason for doing so (I do not make a habit of banning people for no reason).

As long as you contribute to the forum in a positive way, there shouldn't be any problems.

My advice would be to take a few seconds to review your post before you submit it. I would advise against using bad language, hotlinking other site's images or posting massive amount of unwarranted messages that don't contribute to the thread or forum. My guess is that the combination of those things over a period of time (and most likely after warnings from moderators) led to your other account being suspended.

I want you to have a good time while you're on the site. I also want the site to be enjoyable for everyone else. As long as that's the case, you have nothing to worry about.


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Well, Borsk, an example of a post on my former account would go something like this.

"lol guys *improper spelling* *lame joke or pun* *random image that has nothing to do with anything* *random swear* lol" You do have to remember I was 10 at the time. And now am alot more mature and less...dumb then I was at the time.
Hey Napalm. I was born down the road from you in St. Catherines. Nothing there, but a bunch of old people now. I Live at the end of Ontario now bordering "Canada" and Quebec.

Nice to see another Hoser on the site.:)