This was my first trade ever, and I am happy that it was with Barada, since he was great and very helpful.

I had no clue on how to start or what to do, so I bombarded him with every question I could think of, and Barada was super cool and gave me several recommendations to ship the item from USA to Canada.

The item he sent me arrived in great shape and he did a very good packing job.

I will be happy to trade with Barada anytime, and I fully recommend him to anyone that wants to have a great trading experience.

Many Thumbs Up for Barada !

Thank You,



Sith Medic
barada is an A+ trader in my book honest and has great communication and an all around nice guy!! yeah the tie fits nice!!


Interstellar Buccaneer

Definitely, I've been planning on sending a compliment his way for a while, but I hadn't gotten around to it, great trader, great guy!