AmShak's Dioramas


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1) The menus have been redone to fit the forum look. They all default to 'open', but if you close them, they will remember their state.
2) I created some new graphics for each dio.
3) When you open up a dio chapter, the thumbnails are slightly larger (easier to see)
4) The popup window has been redone. I think it looks better and it's a little more obvious that you can progress through all the images without closing the popup.
5) Redid how the images are cataloged.

I tested it in IE and Firefox and everything looks decent. If you encounter any problems, let me know.


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WoW amshak you have been busy...Some awsome stuff there i really like the stuff you added to the han comming out of carbon freeze sequence..and the blaster bolt from hans gun to kill greedo. Awsome stuff