Well, being that I'm in 7th place, I don't really see how I'm going to win this, but I'll give it one last shot.

>>>Gimme #43!!!!<<<<<<<

Thanks AmShak for the chance to play. Very nice game.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Ace-out. :)


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DOH!!!! I snoozed out on the last few days of the game. Oh well, but I'll give it one last shot anyway....

I pick 49


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It has to be a high number this time....not that it matters for me..lol....so I will pick 45. Thanks for the great game it was fun hope to see more like this.


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I hope that everyone has enjoyed the game. I have a new game in the works and I will probably start it next weekend. I think that everyone will enjoy it. Maybe we'll bring WePay back again at some point too.
Anyway, now for the final results.....

$268 wookie_cookie
$265 han solo
$250 Thrawn613
$243 vfermi
$238 Redleader
$228 rogueace2000
$212 Alf
$204 JediBeagle
$200 xwing25
$136 chilaquil66
$132 joewhite
$47 BlueHarvest
$46 nanja
$35 everett
$16 Deathstardroid

wookiee_cookiee i need your address.