WePay IV


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Well, we all lined up to get the latest exclusive from Gentle Giant, the Blackhole Stormtrooper Mini Bust .... and we all got screwed. So, now it's time to go fill that hole in our collection, because what true Star Wars collector could live with themselves if they didn't have one of everything?

Where will we find this extremely rare, very hard to find item? WePay of course? Click Here to learn how.


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Starting tonight, for the next five nights, come to this thread and post you guess.

Each night, a new Wepay screen will be displayed with a Starting Bid and a Buy it Now feature. Your job is to guess how much the item will sale for. *Hint: it will sell for a value between the starting bid and the buy it now feature and it will be in even dollars. any guess that uses an uneven dollar amount will be rounded up.

The next night, the amount that the item sold for will be posted and the difference in the amount that the item sold for and you guess will be the amount of pints that you recieve. for instance, if the item sold for $500 and you guessed $495, then you get 5 points.

You must play 4 of the five night to be eligible to win.

at the end of the first 5 nights, your 4 best scores will be averaged. the person with the best score, wins.

in the event of a tie, the players involved in the tie will continue to play the game until the tie is broken.

So, what do you win?
Well, i would like to be giving one of these Gentle Giant Blackhole Stormtroopers away, but they only made a few of them and they're only available on ebay for a small fortune. So, well be playing for an EP3 Pewter Obi-Wan Kenobi from Rawcliffe.


Post your questions and/or guesses below


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I love the reason it gives for spending so much on shipping. Also the ship to area is pretty funny. "Anywhere (except outside the USA)," because any place that isn't in America obviously doesn't count for much.



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Well, the first day is behind us and now it time to move on and try to find another auction, but first the scores ......

This bust sold for $445

and the scores .....

0 Jaguar $445
1 Yoda Man $444
4 Darth Boru $441
4 darkside449 $449
5 Jedi Freezeman $450
5 IG-PPO $440
5 Jedi_Joel $450
6 darthskelington $439
8 xwing25 $437

and the new auction