Watto's Lotto so far....


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Here is a list of all the winning lotto numbers so far:
week 1: 634
week 2: 513
week 3: 871
week 4: 218
week 5: 751
week 6: 397
week 7: 803
week 8: 467
week 9: 938
week 10: 643
week 11: 043
week 12: 308
week 13: 849
week 14: 617
week 15: 409
week 16: 392
week 17: 985
week 18: 278
week 19: 018
week 20: 729
week 21: 148
week 22: 876
week 23: 210
week 24: 534
week 25: 621
week 26: 879
week 27: 735
week 28: 037
week 29: 148
week 30: 987
week 31: 397
week 32: 018
week 33: 469
week 34: 174
week 35: 045
week 36: 968
week 37: 310
week 38: ???


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actually there are more than 999 possibilities. At the time, the rules seemed pretty good, but as time has passed, thay seem to be a little on the "not much of a chance of winning" side. And, since we're talking about the lotto, i would like to go over this one more time, for those who have not already seen this ....

The rules for the current lotto will not change until we get to the end of the 2002 figures. Once we reach the end of the 2002 figures, it will be turned into a raffle and tbs will assign numbers to those who would like to enter. The number of numbers each person gets to play is determined by he number of weeks that player has played. So it is in the best interest of anyone who would like to win the figures, to play each week.
When we start with the 2003 figures, the rules will be changed to give better odds of winning and I'm sure we will front load the lotto, so that the pirze pool has something worth winning.

****in the event that someone does select the correct numbers in the correct order, then what i just said above goes in the trash and we'll make a decision on how we will continue.


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Actually, I think there are currently only 720 possible combinations. (No digit picked twice equals 10 X 9 X 8 = 720) Those are still immense odds, considering there are at best 50 different entries each week. I think that's only a 6.9% chance a correct entry would be made any given week.

Wow...math I can do. Makes me feel good, considering I switched from Engineering to Business because I was failing the math classes.

Well, enough with the Threepio impersonation ;)


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I think this is one of the coolest contests out there! Sure it might seem like it's dragging but in the end that lucky person is gonna be thankful! I just wish I had entered every week!
Just a suggestion. We can keep going the way it is but cut the highest number down to being 498.

That should keep the game running smooth and increase the odds by 50%.


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The thing I heavily dislike about having BlackRobot win, is that he never posted ANYWHERE but the contests and games forum. I seriously think some action should be taken against people who dont contribute anything to the site except contest entries. This is why I hardly ever enter contests on sandtroopers of the jawa or jundlandwastes, because I hardly ever post there and I believe that the winnings of contests should strictly be kept to the people of that forum that actually post something at least 4-5 times a week. If you have the time to come over to wattos lotto, try posting something too.

I have made this suggestion many times but I havent seen action taken. I hate seeing the moments when the 30 active members of our 600 members probably didnt really have that much time to post for a while, so the only posts you see are amshak notifying people of who won that weeks contest which over half the time, most likely are not even people who have posted even in word associations. And with a pot as big as wattos lotto, it breaks my heart to see non posters walking away with prizes.

So please! enforce some kind of rule that says for every contest entry, you need five more GOOD posts on the boards. Id really like to see some action taken.


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We have always avoided contests that require a certain amount of posts because I have seen what that does to other boards and I don't really care for it. A lot of our games do require that you are at least a member of the forums to enter. This idea can serve many functions .... It increases the odds for someone like yourself winning and it provides incentive for non-members to register in the forums and the idea there is that after they have registered to play the game, the will spread out and post in other areas of the forums.
When I first started getting into the Internet star wars world, I probably spent a year or more as just a "lurker". I went to many boards and read what people had to say but I would never post my thoughts. There were several reasons for that, one being that I just had nothing new to add to what had already been said and I wasn't comfortable posting if I didn't really have something to say. Eventually, I got into the trade scene and I would post in the trading sections of the different boards, but nowhere else. I was just as loyal to those sites as anyone else and visited the boards on a daily basis, just to see what everyone had to say. I would imagine that we have several members who fit that bill and I hope you can see where it's hard for me to set up an contest that prevents them from entering or increases "bogus" posts, just to increase a post count.
There was an idea in play among some of the staff members that would kind of give you what you are asking for but it depends on an upgrade to our board from VB that has been 6 months overdue. I would like to say that once this upgrade comes through that there will be something to satisfy your demand but until we see it in action, it's difficult to say for sure that it would work.
I go around to the different sites from time to time and I see what they are giving away or not giving away and "I think" that TBS goes above and beyond the norm for giveaways. Let me spend a moment on the giveaways and why we have them .... One reason for the site to do the giveaways is that it generates extra traffic to the site; another is that we would like to give something back to the people who visit. Sponsors also like doing the giveaways, because it's what they like to do and it gives them a little more promotion for their site. None of the staff here at the site are involved for some kind of reward other than just being a part of TBS.
I know this is not the answer you are looking for but it's the best one I have at the moment. Your concern is noted and I will discuss with some of the other staff what we might want to do to try and address it.

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I have to agree with all that Amshak said.

Over the last year or so, I haven't posted nearly as often as I would have liked to, for pretty much the same reasons outlined by Amshak.

Firstly, life being what it is, there is rarely enough free time to get round to it.

Things like trade lists often tempt for a reply, but then I don't have anything worthy of the trade most times.

Some subjects are simply outside my knowledge, so get left to those who know.

Then of course, there's the fact that most things worthy of saying have been said already.

On that note, its probably best if I shut up :)


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Originally posted by AmShak
There was an idea in play among some of the staff members that would kind of give you what you are asking for but it depends on an upgrade to our board from VB that has been 6 months overdue. I would like to say that once this upgrade comes through that there will be something to satisfy your demand but until we see it in action, it's difficult to say for sure that it would work.

The upgrades that you're talking about are currently in public beta. I could switch us over to the new system today - however, I want to make sure all the bugs are worked out before we take that step. We're close.


Personally, I would rather have a contest winner that contributes more to the board than 3 digits once a week. However, Black Robot obviously deserved to win because he picked the winning numbers. The fact that he doesn't post a lot has zero impact on Watto's Lotto with the current rules.

I'm concerned about creating subjective rules for contests (rules that are based on someone's judgment). CC, your concerns have been discussed before (after we started Watto's Lotto) and it's something that we are considering incorporating in future contests.


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I agree with Am Shak!

Anybody who is mad that the winner doesn't post like a madman shouldn't be...it's not like you had to pay to play or join this site. I don't post all the time but I try my best to help other collectors out either through trading or finding things for them.

Jealousy is the crap that is bringing this hobby down! If you want this site to be like all the others then go to them instead. Two years ago, collectors were always willing to help each other...now most people just want to help themselves. I'm not trying to spit in anybody's face but please quit trying to regulate this hobby!!! Collecting should be fun, but fun is not what it's been for a while now, and I'm not talking about the poor distribution!

If the rules would have said that you had to post, then fine. Oh well, if some "stranger" won, I wanted all them figs too, but OH WELL! Again, keep this fun...


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First of all.....im definitely not jealous.....ive won at least 15 contests in the past year or so (not all here). And sure....there wasnt ANYTHING in the rules about posting but still.....dont you just think of it as courtesy to give back to the communities that offer you these figures for absolutely no price at all? It wouldnt hurt to come around and drop a few posts here and there even if its less than 5 a month. I dont care! I just like to see discussion because after all, these are forums, and considering we have over 500 members, shouldnt our boards be overflowing with great posts worthy of reading, adding to, or even arguing. Again, I dont care what is posted as long as it has a bit more meaning than 3 numbers. Considering Wattos lotto started over 6 months ago and almost a year, I find it odd that some people didnt have the time even to drop into General Disc. and associate one word with another.

I do not think that anything should be taken against blackrobot. I just suggest maybe he spends a bit more time around here than once a week for wattos lotto. But for all future contests, I certainly believe something should be done about it.

And btw.....what does this have to do with fun in collecting? Joewhite, you are definitely worthy of entering contests even though you seem to have a majority of posts in the Trading forums. . You have a 2 star feedback level, which means you have contributed to TBS by helping others complete their collections.

Just my further thoughts. I too would like to see these forums kept friendly and reasonable.


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As always, I’m glad to see support for me or the site … that is always welcome. I am also always interested in hearing what those have to say that may not be as supportive. If there is a problem then many times the only way we know how to fix it is to get feedback from the people having the problems.
Another advantage to having the people who play our games be forums members, is that it is much easier to catch a cheater, which again increases the odds for those who play by the rules.
I don’t want to dismiss CC’s idea and it’s something that will be consider for future contests, but I don’t think there will be any changes made to any of the current contests we have that would reflect CC’s wishes. Like I think I said before, there is an idea for a plan that will help those, who contribute more to the site, win or have access to “things” or prizes that the average visitor, who does not really make contributions, doesn’t. This won’t happen overnight and it’s something that we have been tossing around for the last 6 months.
Our goal is to cover all of the bases, but it can be very difficult to do that sometimes.
It’s important to remember that this is all just for fun and I hope no one gets discouraged or disappointed by the way our games turn out. If we get the feeling that the games and contest are causing more problems than they are worth then we will scale them back and go a different direction. I like the games, I have fun getting them set up and watching their progress and I think people like to play them. We try to give a variety so that you’re not getting the same thing over and over and we try and have prizes that would interest the majority of our visitors.
If it was in my power, I would have a silver fett for every member of our forums but we have to work within our own limitations and I hope that everyone understands that and knows that we have the best interest of our visitors in mind with everything that we do.

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Yep, its all about the fun.

Lets just say "Lucky You" to BlackRobot, wish we were as lucky, and bring back some more fun games like

'Dont lose your head' :)