Watch Out For Talon


I really do not like to leave negative feedback, and in fact, this is the first time I have ever done so. Having said that, I am left with no choice. No one do any trading with former Bothan Staff member Talon.

I made a trade with him a couple of months ago, and thankfully, I waited for his stuff before I shipped mine. He kept giving excuses to delay, and finally stopped answering emails and ignored instant messages. The worst part of this experience was that I spent a substantial amount of money specifically to acquire the things he wanted in the trade.

Interestingly, I just searched for his thread where he was offering his entire collection for sale, and it has been deleted. Convenient.

Please, if you see Talon, otherwise known as Rob Tacopina in Miama, Florida, do not make any trades with him. His email addresses he uses are and His AOL Instant Messenger handles are BAT91095 and RAT0720.



Dark Lord of the Typos
We recently had a new forum member join named Iceman, I believe. Iceman posted a trade list on 1/16/04. Is this your Iceman, Barada?

I don't know either Iceman, but I wanted to point this out so that nobody gets inadvertantly blacklisted :(