Trouble loggin on

Darth Daddy

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I had a question.... I havent been able to log on to the Spy unless I use my AOL account. The site doesn't come up with IE or Mozilla. Is there any reason for this? I used to have no problems. Maybe something is set up wrong on my end, but I am not sure what it could be. I cleared cookies, did a hard clear out and still the same problems..



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I use Mozilla Firefox (and I'm assuming that's what you mean when you said "mozilla") and have no problems logging in. I just tested it on my computer with IE and had no problems with it either.

Can you give me any other info about your computer? If you have access to a 2nd computer, you might try logging in from there and see if you experience the same problem.

Darth Daddy said:
The site doesn't come up with IE or Mozilla.
Can you clarify this? This site doesn't come up at all? -OR- You can't log in? ...just elaborate a little more for me if you could.

Darth Daddy said:
I used to have no problems.
Did the problem start after your name was changed? Or, did you still have the problem with the old name? I know that your account used to be: srgambuti