Trivia and Games Forum

Just another one of my billion ideas but why don't you open a "Trivia and Games Forum"?

You can install:

Word Associations
Star Wars Movie Quotes
Star Wars Actors other movies

and any other fun little tid bits TBS users have. It will elieviate some of the traffic in the General Discussions thread and create another fun section here. :)


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I do like the quote thread that you started in General Discussion. However, in the interest of not overwhelming users with forums, I prefer to minimize the overall number of forums (primarly for newer users who may not be as familiar with the board). So, if a topic can be reasonably discussed in an existing forum, then that's where I believe it should go.

Anyway, that's how I feel. If there's popular opinion for your proposal, then we can try it out. I'd like to hear from some other people...
Fair enough. I know what you mean.:rolleyes:

Thinking about it now, some sites have just way too many ridiculous threads. One of the things that brought me to TBS was the simplicity and efficiency behind its setup. I'd hate to see it get confusing with multiple threads.

Mind you the "Star Wars joke thread" that was placed in the General Discussions section might have survived a bit longer if it had a home in a Trivia and Games thread. It was bumped far down the list one week when we had multiple posts. It was having a slow period and was pushed into the land of the forgotten topics. My jokes were bad but I think it was Buzz Bumble who had some "crackers".:nut:

I remember AmShak and yourself saying you guys were going to work on the site a bit. If you checked to see which threads were lacking traffic is it possible one could be replaced?

From what I see the majority of the traffic flows through General Discussion. Word Associations alone would generate enough traffic to make a Trivia and Games Thread float. ;)

Like I said, its another one of my billion thoughts. :)


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Some things catch on and some don't. I think the quotes thread will catch on because it's something more people can participate in. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't think of any non-lame Star Wars jokes. ;)

Also, in my previous post, I was stating my opinion. I want to hear a few more opinions before I decide anything. :argue:

We're working on some very cool stuff for the site. I think everyone will be pleased with it. I can't give an ETA on when the new stuff will get here, but it's moving along nicely now.