The Return of Watto's Lotto

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Watto's Lotto is back and with NEW rules. Click here to check them out and to play. This week, we start off with #42 Darth Maul Sith Training and #43 Anakin Skywalker Tatooine Attack.


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The Rules ....

Registered forum members can play Watto's Lotto by choosing 3 numbers from 0-9 and posting those numbers in the appropriate week's thread. No duplicate numbers. Player "A" can pick the numbers "123" and Player "B" can pick "231" but Player "B" cannot choose "123".

Unlike the previous version of Watto's Lotto, there are several ways of winning....

A) A player can win everything in the pool for the Lotto by selecting the correct 3 numbers in the correct order (just like before). If this happens, this eliminates any other player from winning.

B) A player can win half of what is in the pot by selecting the correct numbers in any order.* ** ***

* If there is a winner under "option A", "option B" is no longer available.

** It is important to note that we could have more than one winner under "option B". If there are two winners under "option B", the players will split the pot. If there are 3 or more winners under "option B", the players will split the pot evenly among them.

*** It is also important to note that the number of figures in the pot may not divide out evenly among multiple winners and the number of figures won will be rounded down to make the winnings even and any remaining figures will remain in the pot for ongoing weeks.

Special Note
Once a specific sequence of numbers has been selected by a player for a week, those numbers, in that sequence cannot be used again by another player. First come first served.
These rules are temporary rules and will be used on the figures 42-57 of the 2002 Saga line. Once we reach the 57th figure, the remaining figures will be raffled off. Each player will receive a raffle number for each week that they have played in the current Lotto. After the raffle, Watto's Lotto will begin again fresh with the 2003 Saga line.

Every Wednesday, three winning numbers will be posted. Forum members have up until that point to submit their three numbers. 1 guess per IP address/forum name, members making multiple guesses will be disqualified.

We will start the prize pool with two 3 3/4 Star Wars figure, and another figure will be added every week until we have a winner.

Feel free to post any questions you may have about the rules in this weeks thread and I will do my best to answer them. In the event that a situation arises that is not covered by the rules, The Bothan Council will be consulted for the best resolution. The normal hostess for Watto's Lotto will return next week.


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Woohoo, the return of a great game :)
Let the guessing begin...

Going for a slightly different approach this time, using the most selected numbers instead of the less ;-)

Amount a number has been picked:
0: 13x
1: 13x
2: 7x
3: 16x
4: 12x
5: 7x
6: 10x
7: 15x
8: 17x
9: 11x
Most used: 8 3 7

=> 837 <=
Will you not let us post if the number are already taken? WHat I mean is, there are sometimes many pages of numbers to look through for the exact sequence we want to use. This can take forever. If I chose 143 and someone already used 143 will my post be blocked indicating that i need to choose a new sequence of those numbers?


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As it stands right now, the first person to choose 143 is the one who can win with that number. Anyone else who posts 143 in that weeks thread would be ignored. This is something that might be changed next week or in future weeks but the rules will not change for this weeks game.

I also want to stress the importance of everyone asking their questions this week. There may be modifications made to the rules for future weeks based on the questions asked in this thread. There will not be major changes made to the rules for the current lotto, but there may be some slight alterations made to address problems or concerns like nack5811 has pointed out.

Depending upon how these rules work with the remaining 2002 figures will impact how we set up the game for the 2003 figures.

Darth Boru

Celtic Sith

When it comes to the raffle at the end, what about allocating number for entries in the lotto overall? There are many people who have played weekly for almost a year. Just a thought.


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I can appreciate your request but i think we need to keep this within the frame of the current contest. Round 1 of watto's lotto is over and I can't see us using any part of that since we never established that it might be significant at a later time, like now. I will take this before the Bothan Council for consideration but don't get your hopes up.
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