Some questions about a con


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Hi from Germany !

There will be a Con at my hometown this Saturday and I´m really looking forward to it. It will be the first time ever for me to take part in such a con.

Guests will be

Tim Dry
Sean Crawford
Barrie Holland
Alan Harris
Derel Lyons
Stephen Fitzalan
Toby Philpott

Now my questions. Will those people sell pictures to sign or can I bring my own ? How much will a autograph costs ? Any experience ? Can I have more than one picture signed ?

Thank you so much for your help !

As always....sorry for my horrible English


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From my experience, the rules vary from convention to convention. I've never been to a convention in Germany, so the rules may be totally different.


Usually they will sell you photos that the guest will sign. There is a fee for the autograph and a seperate fee for the photo. The photos are usually a set price. The autograph fee varies based on who is signing. Carrie Fisher's autograph is more expensive than someone who had a smaller role in the films (for example).

Sometimes they will sign more than one item. Sometimes you will have to pay for each item you want signed. So, if the autograph price is $10 and you have 3 things you want signed, that would be $30.

Also, instead of purchasing a picture at the convention, you can bring your own materials to have signed (such as an action figure or a poster or a photo you already had). In most cases, the guest will sign these things. In some cases, they will decline.

Sorry that I can't be more specific. If you know anyone that has been to this particular convention before, they might be able to give you a better description.


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welcome to the site

I have never been to a convention in Germany, but i'm going to assume that they are similar to the ones that we have here.

The normal routine here is that the celebrity charges a fee for their signature and a seperate fee for one of their photos. So, if you have something that you would like signed, it would cost you less then the guy who bought one of their photos. I started collection autographs on carded figures, so i would bring the appropriate figure(s) to the convention to have signed by the actor(s) who played them.

Their is usually not a limit on the number of items you have signed, but you have to pay for each signature.

That being said.....
There is a greater demand for more popular actors and they can put a limit on the number of items that you have signed and they might even force you to buy one of their photos. This is unusual and the main reasoning for this is to keep the line moving. I don't think i have ever seen a limit lower than 3 items, usually what i see is a limit of 5 itmes on the very popular actors.

Now, they may do things totally different over there, so i would contact the event organizers to get more details. I'm guessing you are talking about darksidecon. Your English is a whole lot better than my German, so i would click that link and see if there isn't a way to contact them to find how exactly who it will be handle.


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Thank´s for your answer !

Yes, you´re right. It´s the Darksiedecon and I´ve tried to contact the people who organized it, but htey can´t tell me how much a autograph will cost.


This is because the only fee the organizers have is the appearance fee and accomodations for the guests.

Each guest sets their own cost per autograph.

I've paid everything from $30 (Billy Dee Williams) to nothing (Warwick Davis).

Good luck. Most of the secondary actors who had small roles usually charge $5-$15, with some exceptions.



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Hi to everyone !

It was my first Star Wars Con and it was in my hometown !

What a weekend !!!

I´ve met wonderful people and get some really fantastic autographs from

Tim Dry, Sean Crawford, Barrie Holland, Alan Harris, Derek Lyons, Stephen Fitzalan and Toby Philpott.

They all were very nice and we talked a lot about the movies (...with my bad English !)

Mr. Philpott is such a nice guy...he send me an email from the airport.

If you interested, I could scan some of the autographs and post them here.

I´ve spend too much money, but it was worth it !

Greetings from Germany.... and thank´s for all your help


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germancollector;70506 said:
If you interested, I could scan some of the autographs and post them here.

sure, we would love to see some pictures


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Here they are:

Part 1


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Jeesh am I jealous! Crawford is one I've wanted for a long time. How much did they charge for autographs? Should have asked you to pick me up a few.

Congrats on the wonderful successes! I've had an ok week (3 or 4 successes) but no Star Wars successes.

I've got over 100 out there - probably 15-20 of them from this site!


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Hi Sarasotarockstr !

Thank´s for your answer. It was a great "little" Con and I get very close to those people and could talk about the movies.

Each one of the autographs costs 15,- Euro which is ca. 19,- $ (incl. the pictures)

Most of them gave my daughter an autograph for free. She is 5 years old and a big fan also.

Of course, you should have asked for one of those autographs.....maybe next time.

I´m at the beginning of my collection and this site helps me a lot.


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Well then welcome! I bumped into these fine folks of The Bothan Spy at the Disney Star Wars Weekends this summer and they were a huge reason I got back into TTM collecting after a long layoff (3-4 years).

Anything I can do to help, let me know. And happy collecting!