Smilie Options


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I have 2 ideas concerning the ever-growing smilies. The problem is that we have too many smilies to choose from. I want to either:

1) Sort smilies into sections that would be accessed via a dropdown menu (i.e. selecting "happy" in the menu shows all the happy smilies, selecting "mad" shows all the mad smilies, etc).

2) Allowing users to maintain a favorites list of smilies. This would basically mean that users could determine which smilies show up when they post new threads and it would be different per user.

Which of those sounds better?

There are some really cool things coming for the forums and the website...


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I should also mention that for option #2, the user would still be able to view a list of all smilies.
Either way sounds great to me. With the amount of smilies we presently have it would be difficult not to be able to properly express your opinion. Both of these options give us the ability to add even more.

If I had to choose I'd go with #2. :joystick:


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Option #2 is what I'm leaning towards as well.

I mentioned forum improvements earlier. Here's a quick list off of the top of my head of some improvements in the works:

  • Smilie Organization (likely #2)
  • Ability to create clubs/groups that can be applied for
  • A system that allows forum member to provide general feedback on other forums members
  • Thread/Post preview on mouseover
  • Quick reply option
  • Improved post editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Ability to insert smilies where the cursor is (instead of at the end of the message as it is now)
  • Ability to add attachments when editing a post
  • Ability to add multiple attachments to the same post
  • More robust calendar with ability for members to submit events (will be moderated)
  • Ability to post a poll after a thread has started
  • Member pictures (members personal picture in forum profile)
  • Pop-up autorefreshing buddy list
  • Show related threads at the bottom of a thread
  • Ability to search a thread while browsing it
  • Member of the Month (either voted on or possibly using some other criteria)

This is just for the forum and this isn't a complete list for the forum. I'm sure I've forgotten things. There's also a lot of great additions coming for the general site.

Let me know if you have questions.