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Lookee what I found

"Will TRU spread a little post-Christmas cheer with the release of the exclusive Silver Clone Trooper?

It sure looks like it!

This ad is from a TRU catalog in Japan,which confirms the December 26th date along with details on the minimum purchase requirements to receive a Silver Clone Trooper.

It would be hard to believe that the Japanese TRUs would be the only ones participating... so look for an official U.S. announcement soon!"


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I can not confirm that the US TRU's will or will not ... but i can say that some of the TRU stores in different parts of the world decided against doing the clone trooper like they did with the silver r2. I think that it is most stupid for TRU to not include the silver trooper in the big book like they did before along with all of the other promotions that go along with it ... if they are going to do it. I cannot see how doing a late promotion will increase their sales.


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TRU sends out their "big book" of savings each year to the people who frequent their stores. I don't know if this is just a US thing or if it happens other places as well. This is why they ask for your phone number when you check out, so they can track what you spend and know who to send the big book to. These people get the big book a few weeks before it is made available to just anyone. the big book has a bunch of coupons in it for different toys and some of them are freebies when you spend a certain amount on a certain brand. for instance, it was buy $20 worth of star wars and you get a silver R2.

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Just to give you another example TRU Australia had a similar Promo with the Silver R2 whaich was $100 AUS of SW and get the R2 free........Not sure whether we are doing the same again ( i hope its a lower price than the $100) . I have a friend here in my home town who rang me and said he recieved a silver clone trooper today from a contact in they are coming but just when may be the question......:(