ROTS Target Eclusive Clone Trooper

Jedi Freezeman

Take me off the list. One of the local guys I trade with picked one up for me in a different city.

On the RS Wisconsin Store Reports, someones sister visiting from Florida took 15 of these from a Milwaukee Target (to which they admitted). So if this is happening all over... be slim pickings. Tags at our Target have already been removed. I heard rumor of a second wave though... ?

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
Report from Aussie SW Website :
Good things come to those that wait...and the wait will soon be over as Australia will see two more exclusive hit the retailers starting from next week. The first being the Target Clone Trooper. Based on the Standard Super Articulated Trooper but with Battalion Insignia, this little trooper should be available in considerable numbers for a "nice price" ;-)

I don't know what the price will be. Hopefully i can throw a few on Lay away for you guys. Due to me being unemployed at the moment, all i can ask is you send MO's over to cover them plus shipping (hopefully the price won't be too terrible). If it is astronomically too high, i will advise......


Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
The Target "exclusive" Trooper has landed today at my local store. Found 9 at the SW Display at the front of the store, priced at $19.99 AUD. I bought my fig and placed three more on layby for Amshak, Darth Boru and Barada. Guys if you wish me to get these at this price or still try and find one over there, PM with what you would like to do. I'd like to use them for trades with you but being without a job, the money's not there at the moment.the price with sending over and converting US to AUS is fairly close to what you would pay in US stores ($12.99) i think. All you would be up for is post.....

Jedi Freijan and Jedi Daniel ,start looking at your local targets. i'm sure they would be put out today. If the Target employees don't know what you are on about, tell them to key in 36916528 and search for where they may be......


a.k.a. Darth Kraam
I'm on my way to target to get mine.I have got them to put 6 aside for me. lmk if I can help as Aussie is a bit strapped.