Preview of Early 2005 Figures and Y-wing


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Here's a look at some new figures and a few of the pre-Episode III packages -- similar to the black and silver Original Trilogy Collection (OTC) line look, without the OTC logo.

Sly Moore
Sly Moore is the staff aide for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and is never far from his side. She has a piercing gaze and can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Her species, the Umbarans, are rumored to be able to influence and even control the minds of others. It is believed that she is very close to Palpatine and knows his deepest secrets.

Yarua is a Wookiee Senator on Coruscant. He represents his home world of Kashyyyk in the Galactic Senate. Although Wookiees are known for their strong tempers, Yarua is a voice of fairness and justice in the government. Like all Wookiees, Yarua is an imposing presence in the halls of the Senate, with his great height and fierce demeanor.

The heroic Jedi Knight Pablo-Jill is stationed at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He is one of the courageous Jedi who go to Geonosis to help rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi from the evil Separatist forces at the first battle of the Clone Wars. Like all Jedi, he uses a lightsaber for defense and combat, and is skilled in the ways of the Force.

Padmé (Ceremony Dress)​
Queen Amidala and the inhabitants of Naboo celebrate their victory over the invading Trade Federation. The Queen wears a decorative parade gown as the jubilant crowd cheers their freedom. The Gungans present Amidala with a Globe of Peace to thank her for her heroic efforts to protect the inhabitants of Naboo. Padmé comes with Globe of Peace and base.

Rabé is one of Padmé Amidala's handmaidens, loyal aides who also serve as her bodyguards. One of her duties is to act as a decoy, impersonating Padmé in vulnerable situations. Very patient for one so young, Rabé is a soothing influence on the queen in difficult times and helps Padmé prepare her elaborate hairstyles. Rabé comes with blaster and base.

Y-Wing Fighter (Exclusively at Toys R Us)​

Y-wings are durable, reliable starfighters that excel in close-quarters combat. During the Battle of Yavin, Y-wing squadrons were influential in helping to defeat the Death Star threat. Designated attack fighters, Y-wings went one-on-one with Imperial fighters as the Rebels attempted to reach the battle station's vulnerable exhaust port.

This Rebel starfighter puts galactic excitement in your hands! Action features like fold-up landing gear, an opening canopy and a swiveling gun put you right in the middle of thrilling Star Wars adventure. Press the button to drop the fighter's bomb on Imperial targets! The OTC Y-wing comes with a Y-wing pilot action figure.



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Must have Sly Moore... Amidalla rocks too...

my wife is going to kill me...

Buzz Bumble

Furry Ewok

What kind of name is that for a Jedi? It sounds more like a female Mexican / Spanish children's TV character. ;)


I just don't like the paintjob on the Y-Wing, I'll keep my vintage one anyday. Though I still need the turret and bomb for it. I have a feeling that eBay losers will be pushing the remakes as vintage items.

Darth Boru

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I don't even have room for any more figures......but I'll probably get them anyway!

Now, where IS that blueprint for skyhooks........