Pop Culture Expo 2007 - Ray Park and Daniel Logan


Sith Hamsters Handler
The Pop Culture Expo

The Pop Culture Expo - January 20 and 21 at the new Puerto Rico Convention Center.

The first confirmed guests Ray Park and Daniel Logan.

I hope to be in the island in those days. I went to a expo last year and the new convention center is huge. I hope they can bring more guests.


Sith Hamsters Handler
Well, I went to the Expo today and it was a blast. Lost of people in costume (both Sci-fi and Anime characters). There were some Stormtroopers, Darth Vaders, Darth Mauls, 4 Queen Amidalas, 2 Mara Jades, Jedis, a Jawa, several Marvel and DC superheroes, and some anime characters that I have no idea how they are. One of the hightlights of today was a fight between a Darth Vader and a Darth Maul.

I got two autograph from Ray Park (one for me and another for my nephew who will be nine next month). I even recorded a nice Birthday Message from Ray Park for him.

Both Daniel Logan and Ray Park did a Q&A section. Both of them were cool guys, talking with the fans, and pose for photos/videos. They seem to had a great time there.

In his Q&A Daniel Logan told us about how he got the audition for Boba Fett and how that changed his life. (He also referred Jeremy Bullock as "Vintage Boba Fett" :) ).

After Ray Park Q&A he gave some stun demostrations with a FX Ligthsaber. He teached two apprentices how to handle a ligthsaber and how to pose. He also fought a Puertorrican Darth Maul.

In my opinion the Expo was a success. I hope they do another one next year with more guest. Later in the week I will post some of the photos.