No Vader in Texas during 2008


I was checking out Dave Prowse's website and noticed he'll be at the Phoenix Horror Con in October at the same time OfficialPix has their next FanDays.


I consider it such a huge honor each time I get to meet Mr. Prowse, I was really hoping for another opportunity this year. Guess I'll just have to look forward to 2009. :rolleyes:


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he's pretty much a regular at the dallas shows. i would be very surprised if he didn't show up at some point.

Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker are kind of the same way. I remember one show where Kenny just showed up. the organizers had asked him to appear but they never heard back from him, so they never listed him as one of the guests.

But, all of those guys are getting up there in age and i would imagine that there will be some point when they stop doing shows or become more selective.

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I read somewhere recently that Dave Prowse was ill and had canceled a couple of trips. I've had the great pleasure of meeting him several times and he's always great to chat with, a real gentleman. Here's hoping he gets well soon and can visit you guys in Dallas!


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He's actually undergoing a hip replacement I believe. His first US show for 08 I saw was a strongman show in NJ or something in June.

I emailed and wished him good luck on the surgery and told him it'd be AMAZING if after that show he popped down to Disney for the second week of Star Wars Weekends.

Hey a guy can dream....


Sarasotarockstr;78739 said:
He's actually undergoing a hip replacement I believe.

That's correct according to his site which says,


I am very pleased to let you all know that Dave's hip surgery on the 5th went smoothly and Dave is recovering well. I will be posting regular updates on Dave's progress, so please keep checking back."