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Still no sign of the Star Wars Character Cookies at any Warehouse branch near me. I'll check a couple of big branches further out next week, but it looks like they were either short supply or scalpers have grabbe them all (judging by the mess the shelves of Frozen and Peppa Pig cookie packs were in, I'd say definitely some scalpers around). :( Apparently there are 24 magnets to collect - which given that there's one random magnet per bag of 10 snack-packs, would be expensive and difficult to collect them all.

I did find the Star Wars Pez Dispensers at one Warehouse branch price at $3 (instead of the $6 at Farmers stores) and a Darth Vader Soap on a Rope priced at $10.

In a nearby shop I also found various Star Wars mugs and beanie hats - it's a expensive shop with the hats prices at $30 each.

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It's a small soap shaped like Darth Vader's helmet, maybe 3 - 4 inches tall, so over-priced for what you get.


No sign of the Star Wars cookies on The Warehouse online store either. :(

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I might get a couple if they reach the bargain bins. Rather weirdly the ones I saw were in the toy aisles along side the (currently very few) figures on the pegs, rather than in the groceries section.

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In today's travels I found a few new bits at the Whitcoulls book / stationery / toy stores:
  • Star Wars Vile Villains Ultimate Sticker Collection (Dorling Kindersley) - I didn't get the price for this
  • Ultimate Star Wars (Dorling Kindersley) - NZ$75
  • Star Wars Trilogy Jigsaw Puzzles (1000 pieces) - NZ$30 each, showing the movie posters for the Original or Prequel Trilogy movies
  • Star Wars Monopoly - NZ$50, the new version with character pieces Finn and Kylo Ren, and a oval game area

Todya's junk emails also had one from the Toyworld chain. Some of their larger branches are having a midnight opening for Force Friday, with an "exclusive" Lego minifig available only then (probably at an over-bloated price like all of Toyworld's pricing). Since New Zealand is pretty much the first country after the International Date Line, that means we'll get the first look at the new toys (barring those that were naughtily put on shelves early in some places).

There's also a similar event at Warehouse branches for Force Friday with a few bigger branches open for an hour from midnight ... but they've also got a "Buy one get one half price" deal running as part of the one day promotion, so that means those buying the new The Force Awakens toys will get some good discounts.

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A ton of stuff was been released last night (including some stuff on the websites that is already listed as "Sold Out", but may simply not have arrived yet):
  • 3 3/4" figures and vehicles
  • 6" figures
  • Heroes figures
  • Titianium Series vehicles (ten of them plus a multipack)
  • MicroMachines blind bags
  • Lego sets galore, including some 12" Lego figure sets
  • Sphero BB-8 remote control droid
  • various jigsaw puzzles
  • Star Wars Chess
  • Star Wars Monopoly
  • Star Wars Risk
  • Star Wars Race Home (board game)
  • Mr Potato Head
  • Ultimate Star Wars (Dorling Kindersley book)
  • and more

It would cost thousands of dollars to get it all (especially if you're not careful - for example some shops are selling the new Monopoly of NZ$50 while The Warehouse is selling it for NZ$35, and that's without the half price deal if you also buy something else of equal or higher price!).

I've only picked up the Titanium Series vehicles (so far, not sure if I'll get anything else - as well as the cost, I don't really have any room to put it anywhere). I got most of the individual vehicles with the Warehouse "Buy one get one half price" promotion and the last two and the multipack from Farmers at 20% off.

I also got the Ultimate Star Wars earlier in the week paying half of it using a gift card I had ... no doubt Dorling Kindersley will do their usual trick and release an Updated / Extended version later.

There were a couple of other people looking and buying stuff (one guy had a basket fairly full of bits), but it looks like quite a bit of some items were sold in the midnight opening.

There was just a brief item on the lunchtime news about one of the Australian midnight openings. One shot showed a table full of mini-wobble head stormtroopers that was being jiggled by a motor so they all looked like they were marching ... or maybe dancing.

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Reportedly Toyworld now has more items. Two Mr Potato Head Star Wars figures (Luke Frywalker and a Spudtrooper, NZ$25 each) and some Hot Wheels Star wars diecast 2-packs (NZ$29.99).

Christmas chocolate advent calendars are already out on shelves at The Warehouse, including reportedly a Star Wars Advent Calendar (NZ$5, currently on a "Buy one get one half price" promotion with various other licensed advent calendars) and some "Star Wars chocolates" (NZ$3) whatever they are.

I'm going to go and see what I can find tomorrow (Friday) - and hopefully those new Hot Wheels 2-packs are available somewhere other than over-priced Toyworld ... equally hopefully they don't have double-ups of the single vehicles already released (as they often do in these marketing scams).

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I have not found the advent calendars or chocolates yet today.

I did find two Hot Wheels 2-packs slightly cheaper (NZ$28) at The Warehouse - it looks like they have greedily doubled-up some of the vehicles (Millennium Falcon & Black TIE Fighter, Blue TIE Fighter and Ghost) or I haven't yet found them individually. :(

I also found three more individual Hot Wheels Star Wars vehicles (Vulture Droid, TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Red 3), and Hot Wheels Star Wars Blast-Out Battle sets (NZ$40 each, one with a TIE Fighter and one with a Snowspeeder).

There was also some new Star Wars 6-in-1 Games boxes (NZ$30, includes dominoes and a few other simple table-top games).

Another find this morning: issue 1 the new DeAgostini Star Wars Fact File has arrived in-store. Another bit-part magazine to collect. (Issue 1 is NZ$1.99, future issues are NZ$6.99, free binders, etc.). Some of the information is probably the same as the old Fact Files, but I think some is new for the last two of the Prequel Trilogy.

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I finally found the Star Wars Chocolates (no sign of the advent calendars though). They small boxes containing 14 small chocolates shaped like a Stormtrooper helmet (white chocolate) and Darth Vader helmet (milk chocolate).

More new finds today.

First some Star Wars pieces for your [kids'] birthday party:
  • paper cups (NZ$7.00)
  • paper plates (NZ$8.00)
  • table cards (NZ$8.00)
  • paper masks (NZ$8.00)
  • gift / loot bags (NZ$4.00)
  • balloons (NZ$5.00)
  • whistles (NZ$7.00)
  • napkins (NZ$8.00)
  • invitation cards (NZ$8.00)
  • birthday banner (NZ$8.00)

Then there's some new Galactic Heroes sets (I didn't get the prices):
  • Hoth Luke in Wampa's cave
  • Hoth Han with Tauntaun
  • Wicket with Endor tree house cannon

But, it looks like Hot Wheels have entered "Greed Mode". :mad:
One of the new 2-packs contains a white TIE Fighter along with the Ghost ... but the Ghost was already released separately, so that means to get the white TIE Fighter you end up with two Ghosts. Then there's the two new Blast-out Battle games - each selfishly comes with an "exclusive" vehicle, so you have to pay an exorbitant amount to get those when you don't want the silly Battle game. :(

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A few more new finds at The Warehouse today ...

  • Star Wars PlayDoh
    As well as some more of an old set, there are three new sets (NZ$17.99 each):
    • Mission on Endor
    • Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader
    • Luke Skywalker & Snowtrooper
    • Luke Skywalker & R2-D2

  • Books
    • Star Wars Aftermath - the first of the books building up to the Episode VII movie. I couldn't see a price, but it's an over-sized paperback (about twice as big as a normal paperback).
    • A Brief Guide to Star Wars (NZ$18.99) - an unofficial history of the movies, I think it only covered the Original Trilogy, but didn't have time to stop and properly look through it.
    • Giant Activity Carry Pad (NZ$12.99) - a bit bigger than A3, it has the usual puzzles and colour-in pages, plus "over 90 stickers".

It's also School holiday time again here soon, so every one is starting their sales. At The Warehouse there is 25% off all Hot Wheels and "Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price" on all board games and puzzles. Farmers has a lot of Star Wars toys a little cheaper.

The Star Wars Cookies have reportedly now shown up at a third chain of stores (Pak n' Save supermarkets, at a slightly cheaper price of NZ$3.29 instead of NZ$3.99).

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Oops! I forgot one above ... The Warehouse also has a new Star Wars Hot Wheels Death Star Carry Case / Playset (NZ$40). It looks pretty silly though. The Death Star has been cut in half vertically (rounded front, flat back) and opens at the back to form a "landing pad" to store the spaceship vehicles, with some sort of crane you can use to move them from the "landing pad" into the carry case. At least it doesn't come with another exclusive vehicle for a change.

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Reportedly some Star Wars Bath & Shower Gel has now shown up at some branches of The Warehouse.


Toyworld stores are also giving away an exclusive C-3PO minifig when you spend NZ$60 or more on Lego Star Wars. (No doubt that's exclusive to them in New Zealand, and possibly Australia, rather than worldwide.)

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Picking up my monthly computer magazine from the PaperPlus shop today I saw a new set of Star Wars books on the counter. They are kid's version of the three Original Trilogy novels (with some nice artwork in them) and the set comes in a R2-D2-themed tin case, but they are a bit over-priced at NZ$35.

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Wave 2 of Hasbro's stuff has arrived in the shops here: new figures, new Titanium vehicles, and the first lot of MicroMachines (barring the silly blind bags that were released before).

In the book shop there's a few different kids' colouring books, plus the new takes on the Original Trilogy aimed at kids and priced at NZ$20 each:
  • The Princess, The Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy
  • So You Want to be a Jedi?
  • Beware the Power of the Dark Side!

Also, there's an advert in the latest Automobile Association magazine for those custom-printed kids' books where they put the child's name, birthday, etc. into the story, and one of the books this time is a Star Wars book called My Adventures in Star Wars: A New Hope (price varies with the size of the book: NZ$15 for "regular", NZ$19.99 for "big", and NZ$39.99 for "big hardcover).

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Another Star Wars item from the Australian company Park Avenue - this time it's large, individual Star Wars Iced Cookies at The Warehouse (NZ$2 each). My mother found these, so I'm not sure if there are any other characters. On the back is the usual manufacturer label giving the ingredients and best before date. Apparently these large cookies are "3 servings per package" ... and judging by the sickly sweet smell through the shrink-wrap, I'd say that's probably a good idea. At least with a use by date of 30 December, 2016 there's plenty of time to eat them. :rolleyes:


Plus a few new bits in the shops yesterday ... there's so much stuff being released leading up to the new movie, it's ridiculous (did nobody learn from the Episode I fiasco!?).

There's three new papercraft model packs. Two are part of a set (Droids on Tatooine and Death Star) are in The Warehouse branches, while the third is a Deluxe Millennium Falcon at Whitcoulls stores.

Whitcoulls also has a new, large hardback book called Star Wars Costumes priced at NZ$60. These were shrink-wrapped, so I couldn't look inside them.

In the junky Asian shop next to Whitcoulls I saw what looks like bootleg "Star Wars" figures. It's a box of five figures, about 4.5" tall, that look quite ugly and there's no sign on the front of a Hasbro logo, priced at NZ$20 (which is less than the price of one Hasbro 3 3/4" figure). There was only the one box in the shop window and none in the shop at all, but it said "collect all four" and had a large code number of "MH{something}".

I haven't seen these yet, but according to the Star Wars NZ website, The Warehouse branches have got some large ceramic cookie jars (R2-D2 and a Stormtrooper, as well as Sesame Street's Cookie Monster) and some Star Wars Chupa Chups which come with a pen topper, priced at NZ$2 each. There are 12 different ones to collect.



Off topic, but I also found some Doctor Who figures that you can buy from a dispenser (you get a small ball with a random-packed figure inside), but didn't see what the price of these was.

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Sky TV is starting a special pop-up Star Wars Movies Channel in the run-up to the new movie release. The channel starts in the first week of December and will be showing the six movies, and a few documentaries. This is only availbale for those with the optional Sky Movies packages.

The Calendar Club pop-up stands have started appearing in shopping malls. Reportedly there's about three different Star Wars calendars this year (so far)

Plus the Christmas sales have started ...

  • MicroMachines blind bags, NZ$4.00 each
  • Stationery and Art sets. from NZ$4.80
  • Star Wars Playskool toys, NZ$25.00 each
  • Hot Wheels Flight Controller, NZ$25.00
  • Episode VII masks, NZ$14.00 each
  • Lego Star Wars Rey's Speeder, NZ$37.00
  • Nerf Chewbacca's Bowcaster, NZ$42.00
  • Titan 12" action figuresm NZ$16.00 (picture shows Darth Vader)
  • All Star Wars scooters, from NZ$29.00
  • Pop Vinyl character range, NZ$22 each
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Star wars Starter Pack, NZ$89.00
  • Disney Inifity 3.0 character range, NZ$22 each
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 power disc packs, NZ$12 each
  • Star Wars Play-Doh sets, buy 1 get 1 half price
  • Star Wars kids' and adults' costumes, 25% off
  • All lightsabers, 25% off
  • Star Wars board games and puzzles, 25% off
  • All Lego Star Wars, 20% off
  • Star Wars sleepwear and underwear, 20% off
  • Star Wars fashion accessories (caps, wallets), 20% off
  • All men's Star Wars T-shirts, 20% off
  • All Star Wars kids' trainer and skate shoes, 20% off
  • Star Wars sleeping bags and chairs, 40% off
  • Star Wars cushions, duvet covers, and pillow cases, 50% off
  • Kinnerton Star Wars chocolate bars, NZ$3.00 each
  • Star Wars Juiced Up apple 250ml, two for NZ$3.00
  • Star Wars Pez dispencers, two for NZ$5.00
  • Star Wars iced cookies 55g, NZ$2.00 each
  • Star Wars Character Cookies, NZ3.00 each
  • Star Wars Character Tin with party mix confectionary, NZ$12 each
  • Star Wars Chocolate Advent Calendars, buy 1 get 1 half price
  • Star wars ceramic cookie jars, NZ$13.99 each
  • Star Wars disposable partyware, buy 1 get 1 half price
The Warehouse is also running a competition - buy any Star Wars product and enter into the draw to win an exclusive screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for you and 30 mates, plus 10 runners-up prizes of a double pass to see the movie.

  • 3.75" figures, NZ$17.99
  • 3.75" figure 2-packs, NZ$24.99
  • 3.75" Class I and II vehicles, 20% off
  • MicroMachines Battle Sets, NZ$34.99 each
  • Extendable Lightsabers, NZ$17.99
  • Kylo Ren's Extendable Lightsaber, NZ$19.99
  • Jedi Master Lightsaber, NZ$79.99
  • Nerf Stormtrooper Class II Blaster, NZ$64.99
  • Bop-It! R2-D2, 30% off
  • Lego Star Wars Rey's Speeder, NZ$42.99
  • Lego Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter, NZ$134.99
  • Lego Star Wars Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle, NZ$169.99
  • Remote Control Millennium Falcon Drone, NZ$79.99
  • Remote Control BB-8, NZ$109 (not the Sphero one)
  • Lengednary Yoda, NZ$359.00
  • Kids' Kylo Ren, Star Fighter Pilot, and Stormtrooper costumes, NZ$39.99 each
Farmers is also running a prmotion / competition - spend NZ$15 or more on any Star Wars toys instore, swipe your Farmers Club Card and receive a free limited edition Star Wars Poster, plus go into the draw to win a trip for two to Sydney for a screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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In today's visit to THe Warehouse I saw a bag of "Death Star" confectionery ... some sort of small chocolate balls with popping-candy inside.

My mother also got me one of those Star Wars Chupa Chups, so I now have a Boba Fett helpmet pen topper (it's only 1 inch high),