New sith on the block.


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Hello people,
I've just discovered your site and wanted to say hi!
I've been collecting Star Wars autographs for about 18 months now, so I'm still just a beginner though my addiction is spiralling way out of control!
I was told about this site by Mr. Terence Mustoo who sent me a Bothan Spy business card, along with a letter and my signed CCG cards, after I wrote to him at the start of the year. I'm glad he did too! as this place seems pretty cool and a good source of addresses.
I hope no one minds but I used a bunch of addresses a few weeks ago and have alredady had a couple of successes, including Jack McKenzie, John Altman and John Dicks. I will add these to the appropriate threads after this note.
Anyways, just wanted to say hello and thank you guys for making these addresses available, Cheers.


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Thanks Victor, I just checked out your forum, yet another mine of collecting information.


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Welcome Matt! Glad you like the site. :) That's very exciting to hear that Mr. Mustoo passed along word of the site to you. If you haven't already, be sure and check out our interview with Terence, by clicking on Interviews near teh top of the page. I had fun doing it. :D


Welcome Matt! Glad to have you here as a member!! Good luck on your autograph collecting!!