New Autograph Collecting Super-Section Online!


Dark Lord of the Typos

Hi everyone! I'd like to announce the arrival of The Bothan Spy's own Autograph Collecting Super-Section!

This new section will teach you how to collect free autographs via mail request, and provide you with easy opportunities to snag Star Wars autographs. That's right - interactive forum projects!

Sound like fun? Hopefully we can get some member participation and start up some autograph discussion. All aspects of autograph collecting are welcome.

So check it out! :scatter:


Very nifty. Thanks for all of the useful info, Skel. I mean seriously... you've mentioned things I would have never thought of.:stupid1:

Jedi Freezeman

Wow- all that information! I'm not an autograph collector, but hey it would be fun to see the repsonses that everyone gets. I haven't read all the sticky's yet...but I will.