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Hi ppl... I need to know the basics, .... siggy limits, where to post what, floating threads, what other SW message boards are worth a look-see, etc.

Currently I'm looking for high-quality pictures of Bothans: Google has failed me in that aspect. :mad:


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Basically, the way it works is this...

If I get a complaint about your signature, I might ask you to change it or change it for you. Valid reasons for complaining would be:
1) If it's offensive - bad language, etc
2) If it's too large - either the actual size of it or the file size

In regards to "where to post":

Take a look around and try to find the right forum to post your topic. If you don't quite get it right, I'm sure someone will move it for you. You will learn where things go.

Floating threads:

We don't use the terminology "floating threads" here. Essentially, you're talking about sticky threads. Only moderators can stick threads at the top of a forum listing. If there is a particular thread that you are personally interested in, you should subscribe to it. This will let you know when there have been updates to the thread and you can view a list of your subscriptions in your user control panel. Ask for help if you aren't able to figure out this feature.

If you want to get a thread listed at the top of a forum, you may bump it with a post. Do not do this excessively.

Other SW Message boards:

I don't regularly visit any other SW message board. Maybe someone else can help you.

Welcome to the site.


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Other SW message boards:

These are good, especially for costuming hints and finding local Fan Force chapters in your region if you'd like to get involved with something in your community. Or as close by as you can find. ;)

I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I have never seen high-quality pics of Bothans. :(


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Welcome! :) Yeah, I'm not aware of very many Bothan pics. The New Essential Guide to characters has a color illustration of Borsk Fey'lya. Decipher has a cg photo of a Bothan on one of their cards (wolfman style bothan). I think the Shadows of the Empire card series has a painting of a Bothan, but I could be mistaken. There's probably more fan art than official illustrations.