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hi to everybody i,m new on here i,ve been lurking on other boards for a while but thought i would hang around here as it seems to be upto date with all things STAR WARS. Ive been a colector for many a years and i,m looking forward to collecting the new episode 2 figures and the 1,000 variations there are gonna be (lol oh well its only money). Episode 2 is looking good after seeing the trailers the article's and the photo's (looks most impressive) and the acting looks a lot better especially ewan who was c**p in the phantom. Anyway gotta run but i,m sure i'll catch most of you in and about the forums.

"may the force be with u always"


Howdy, Ramthx. Welcome to the site, and we're all glad to have you aboard. Be sure to check out the sections (AmShak's dioramas for one are incredible), and stop by the chat room. See you around!



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Good to have you join us! Everybody here is pretty cool, so I think that you'll have a good time.

:dance: :dance: :dance: WELCOME!:dance: :dance: :dance:


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Big Yank Welcome

ramthx, Nice to have you. Anyone who likes ESB and Darth Maul is a friend of mine.:D
See 'round the boards, huh?

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Hey Ramthx welcome to the best forums around . hope you enjoy your stay here. top bunch of blokes.......