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Here's our latest newsletter for the week of 6/16/2006. Don't forget to enter promotional code "DISC10" for 10% off all items when checking out!


Darth Vader 8" Pewter Statue Corkscrew
This solid pewter Darth Vader Statue originally retailed for $125. Imported from the UK! Quantities are limited! In stock at $49.95 . more info»

Anakin Skywalker 12" Figure Sideshow
Second in the 12" Star Wars figure line from Sideshow Collectibles! In stock. Only $49.95! more info»


Bowen Designs Super Skrull Mini-Bust
Super Skrull has been brought to life Bowen Designs. Measuring over 7" inches tall, Super Skrull is fully painted and ready for display. Now only $49.95 In stock! more info»

Bome Volume 10: Magical Canan Carmine Figure​
Imported from Japan! The tenth release in the "Monsieur Bomé Collection," this SeptemCharm Magical Canan Carmine figure measures approximately 8" tall with a display base and comes painted and ready for display in blister card packaging. $19.95 In stock!. more info»

Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Heartilly Action Figure
Now, the popular characters from the best-selling game can be yours to collect and display!Choose from Rinoa Heartilly, Selphie Timmet, and Squall Lionheart. Imported from Japan and available exclusively in North America through Previews, each 7" figure boasts over 20 points of articulation,includes a display stand and comes in blister card packaging. Only $22.95 - In Stock. more info»

Muhammad Ali 18 Inch Talking Figure​
The figure features motion-activated sound and "speaks" key phrases from the press conference following the famous 1964 fight between Ali (a.k.a. Cassius Clay) and Sonny Liston In Stock. $39.95 more info»

Featured Pre-Order Items:

Attakus Amandine Bikini 10" Statue
This sexy European hand painted numbered statue is imported from France for your viewing pleasure! Ships July. Pre-order now!! $149.95 more info»

Bowen Designs Rhino Statue
Measuring at over 12 inches tall, Bowen Designs Rhino Statue is shipping in Sept 2006. Only $179.95! more info»

Give John a call at 1-800-505-TOYS, let him know the The Bothan Spy sent you and get the TBS special (phone orders only).

In addition to that, take 10% off online orders when you enter promotional code DISC10 and that's for anything on the site.

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Re: John's Toys New Arrivals - Bowen, Darth Vader,

That pewter Vader is really awesome. Its part of a series of four 'Bar Ware' items. Obviously Vader is a corkscrew, R2 is a bottle opener, 3po a foil knife and Yoda a wine stopper. All 4 are fantastice sculpts and being pewter - very heavy.

3po has some minor issues with standing up (which could be problematic around kids given that hes a knife!) but he can be persuaded to stand if gently placed. Apart from that, they're a well-worth-having series for any pewter fan.

PS. I picked mine up in the very early days in the UK for about $20 each - I think they might have been mispriced as a friend tried to get them a coupleof days after me and found the prices gone over $100 each. Lucky me - for once ;)