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Hi there!

I've been hanging around for a couple months now, but I thought I'd introduce myself to everyone I haven't met.

I spent the last 4 years in New Orleans, but now I'm back in East Texas for the forseeable future. (insert Yoda quote :D ) If there's a bright spot in Texas, this place is furthest from it. I live out at Lake of the Pines, which is about 1/2 hour from Marshall, a little over an hour from Shreveport, LA. Going the other way, I'm a good 3+ hours from the Dallas area.

I collect loose figures, am pretty close to a complete modern set, and am picking at the POTF vintage figures as I have the money. I also read the novels and comics, but am currently only caught up to Balance Point. I also collect SW Sigma, and generally anything vintage.

Other interests include Star Trek (gasp), X-Files, LOTR, misc comics (including Silver Surfer, woohoo!), and many things morbid (I have a small collection of vintage ESCO embalming fluid bottles). I grew up in a collecting household, so it's my lot in life.

I don't really have much to trade, but I enjoy how the internet has brought the collecting community together. Drop me a line if you need help with something.

Well, that's concludes my mini-biography. :)


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Welcome to the site ... just watch out for any of those canadian skiff guards that hang around here:evil:


Hey Skelington,

Glad you're enjoying the site.

Don't listen to AmShak, that Texan skiff guard himself. He's jealous because my Canadian 'force pike' is bigger than his :smooch:



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X Files sucks now because they got rid of it.

It used to be cool.

I want all of the DVD Box sets.

The only problem is i would only watch them once

Welcome Darthskelington


I would watch Humbug and Small Potatoes over and over.. their some of my favorites episodes..



humbug is the episode with the circus people. small potatoes has a guy who can shape shift and poses as different husbands


Dark Lord of the Typos
I like a lot of the humorous episodes myself. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, Jose Chung's "From Outer Space" and that one with the Texas Vampires. (Mulder gets hit over the head and sings the theme to Shaft)

I also thought that one with the camoflauged tree people in Florida (Detour ?) was neat and creepy.