How white and nerdy are you?


I challenge you all to honestly answer this quiz.

White & Nerdy Quiz

Here's my score.




Dark Lord of the Typos
I'm 40% white and nerdy. Although it would be higher if I could ever get a copy of the Holiday Special. I"m not fluent in Klingon, but I have 2 copies of the Klingon I figured that was close enough count. :cool:


died almost 10 years ago
I took this quiz(34%) a few days ago after seeing it in this thread, before seeing or even hearing about the new Weird Al video/song.
So I saw it today and nearly peed meself. I wouldn't have been near as immediately and thoroughly tickled if I hadn't read this quiz. Thanks Barada :D

btw Greetings from the left coast of Canada, Spies :D


died almost 10 years ago
Thanks, Ian.

Been meaning to post an official intro over here (which I'll still have to get around to I guess) but you know how it is, busy busy...

Leave it to a good Weird Al parody to drag me out of the lurker shadows ;)
When he pulled that bootleg holiday special out of that bag I was rolling!
er, Hope I didn't spoil that for anyone :p

Great site, I come around in the wee hours periodically. Seems like a friendly bunch. I should probably start contributing some info at some point... You guys are doing a fine job over here. I'll cya around. :)