How do you collect?

How do you collect?

  • Open

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • Packaged

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Both

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Depends

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Here is the much debated topic that everyone has been waiting for :argue:

How do you collect your Star Wars stuff?


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I forgot to submit how I collect :D

I am an opener! Some people may not approve because it diminishes future value. I am not in this hobby to make a buck or two 20 years from now. I collect because it makes me happy. My Star Wars room is a nice place to get away from whatever may be troubling me.
I wish I could afford to collect both open and packaged merchandise but that is just way too much money!
I open because I would hate to have all of this stuff and never know what it actually looks like or what it can actually do.
If I had one regret though it is that I threw out all the old packaging and stuff. I would like to display the boxes that the items came in because some of them are really sharp.
Well that is how I collect.

Feel free to argue :argue:



Well, it's complicated for me. Small figures based on the classic trilogy, whether they're vintage or modern era, I collect both loose and carded. Vintage vehicles I collect open, while modern vehicles I open except for the latest with window boxes and figure pack-ins - then I buy two. Same thing goes for playsets. For 12", I collect vintage loose, but only boxed modern. In general, that's all I collect. Any other odds and ends, I will usually keep packaged.

I have mixed feelings on future values. At this time, I could not care less about what something's worth, except for knowing what I'll have to pay to get it. For the forseeable future, it will remain this way. However, 20 or 30 years from now, as I head towards retirement, I may not want my collection anymore. I don't see it happening right now, but I always try to think ahead. If this one day LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG from now becomes the case, then I'll probably want to know what it's worth, so I can get fair market value. I don't want to give anyone the impression I want to sell, because right now it's the furthest thing from my mind. Growing up, through the dry spell between the late 80's and early 90's, I think I considered selling my old Star Wars toys once, and that thought lasted about a week. I couldn't bear to let them go. Not with all the memories of growing up with them.

Anyway, that's how I stand on it.



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Mixed feelings...

Me thinks you opened a can of worms with this topic!

I keep mine in their packaging simply for display purposes. I have opened some, especially 12", because sometimes I can't afford to get them boxed, so I am forced to get them loose. I opened them all when I was a young ladd, now I just like to look at them on display. After a crappy day at work, I like to come home, relax with my wife and dog, watch some of the boob tube, then go downstairs and just sit in my SW room and have a gander... It has a great calming effect on me!
I seem to spend more time rearranging my room then actually enjoying it! Everytime I switch it all around, it makes it look like I just bought a whole bunch of new stuff!:D , but sadly, it's the same ol', same ol'! Sad isn't it!

I will NEVER sell my collection... I plan on taking it all with me to the grave! :satan: Actually, I think after I kick it, my beloved friends will be at the house, while my body is still warm, helping themselves to my SW riches... And my wife, bless her heart, probably won't stop them! :sob: Even though she's a huge fan and has her own Darth Maul collection (thanks to me :D ).


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I just started collecting this summer. I left everything in the package for about a month, but then I opened all of it. (60+ figs and a few 12 inchers) I like it so much better out, because it takes up less space and I can seperate the figs by movie or certain character for display.

I have some pics of my collection in my camera, I will have to post them after I get them developed.


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I collect them and OPEN! them. Becuase I Play with mine! It may seem childish, but i like palying with my action figures. I mean i have and ackbar several droids, various other rebel personell on my desk right now, with a B-wing. Desinging it if you will. It is jsut so neat to paly with them. I really dont understand why people don't open. I don';t open ones that i might trade though. Like my spare B-wing. But the rest i open and enjoy.


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Most of mine stays sealed unless I happen to have some extra money for doubles and then the cool ones get opened and put on my desk. I agree with Barada. I don't see myself selling anytime soon, but I want a good collection to be able to sell when I have to.

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open and closed

Majority of my collection stays closed with some figures and vehicles opened. problem is the pricing for SW stuff over here where figures on their own can cost in stores around $15.00 AUS. you don't want to know what vehicles are costing(shudder)but i'll tell ya . eg:tie interceptor just landed here at around $80 to $100 depending on stores

Thommo:aussie: :fume:


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To do or not to do?

I believe if you pay for them you can do what you want with them. Burn them if you wish. Sports fans buy the tickets and can cheer or boo! It your perogative and try not to be judgemental of others....I'm off my soap box!

I'm not an opener, with the exception of damaged cards bought cheap. I do have lots of loose most of which were purchased that I have most Darth Maul's 4" loose because he's my Bro! Love the sculpts :D I do collect for investments purposes and trade up values. As a mature collector I understand the preceived values of these figures. I don't think of them as toys, rather minatures of the real thing.
Please don't misunderstand my intent, I really enjoy Starwars stuff and consider myself a SW nut all the way! :ufo:


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I leave most of my collection on the card just because it is so much easier to display and I think they look better.

The only down side to it is that I love that feeling you get when you go home with a new figure, rip the crap out the card, and just enjoy it as it was ment to be enjoyed.

The way I resolved this problem, you may ask? Well, when Wal-Mart Canada had their huge EP1 blow-out sale this summer, I stocked up on figures. I got like 10-12 Battle Droids so my droid army is slowly building.

Is sure does help to curb the craving. Kind of like the patch.