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From StarWarsShop.com :-

The holographic Princess Leia figure, appearing as a transparent image projected by R2-D2 in A New Hope, will be debuting at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and StarWarsShop is making it available for pre-order now!

In an effort to cut down line-time so fans can enjoy all there is to see and do at Comic-Con, StarWarsShop is offering the chance to purchase figures in advance, allowing shoppers to simply pick them up at the Star Wars Pavilion. Advanced purchasers can come to the Pavilion throughout the show, during any hours the Comic-Con exhibit hall is open, to pick up their figures.

The holographic Princess Leia figure comes packaged on a unique card in the style of the retro Original Trilogy Collection, featuring the Comic-Con logo and scene from A New Hope displayed behind the figure.

Please Note that you must be able to pick this item up during Comic Con in San Diego. A photo ID and either your confirmation page or this confirmation e-mail to the StarWarsShop.com booth Comic-Con in San Diego in order to claim your figure.
Click here to visit StarWarsShop.com and place your order while supplies last!

Exclusive Holographic Princess Leia Comic-Con 2005 Figure w/ Collector Case

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Is anyone going to San Diego?? If so, are there any kind souls who might pick me up one of these?

One trip round the planet a year is about as much as I can stretch to ;)


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well... hopefully they will make them available at shopsw.com after the show, of course everyone outside the US is still probably screwed.

my biggest problem with this figure is that if they are going to re-use a leia mold for this, shouldn't they be using the CT leia mold instead of this one... again? surely they could splurge and replace the cloth skirt with a holo skirt

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As soon as i saw these were advertised on SWshop.com, i raced over to place an order only to find this pre order for SDCC was in place. I then sent a email off asking why is it not available to overseas customers.
The reply given was " there may be some made available after the con". That's all i got.
Knowing the popularity of exclusives, there may not be many left after..... surely a small quantity could have been available at the same time of release to us overseas brothers (and sisters) who wanted it?........

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Have heard a little "rumour" that this may be available to Aussie collectors soon. will keep you all posted.....

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For past Wizard Con exclusives, they have also been offered in Chicago (where I picked up my Silver Fett). I checked the website and the holo Leia is not listed with the exclusives :(