Hello from a newbie with some questions


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Hello from Germany !

First let me say, that I´m a complete newbie on all these star wars autograph collecting and at the very beginning.

Thank´s for all the hints and tips on this great board.

I really love the pictures from darthskelington, where people can sign.

Now my question:

Where can I get more of these ? For example: There will be a convention at my hometown later this year and guests will be:

Tim Dry
Barrie Holland
Sean Crawford
Derek Lyons
Alan Harris
Chris Parsons
Stephan Fitzalan

Where can I get pictures of these ? Perhaps just like the ones darthskelington posted on this board.

I know, some of the guests will be selling pictures at the convention, but I would like to gave them some of mine pictures.

Thank´s in advance for your help and sorry for my bad English !


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Welcome to the site....I'm glad you like it :D

Yes, officialpix is probably the best (and only) official source to buy photos from. Printing out screen captures from the dvds is also great for finding the images you need.

AmShak is actually the creator of the images found with the Projects. Maybe he can create some for the people you named. I'll drop him a line. :)

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Welcome to The Bothan Spy, Germancollector. Nice to see another european here. I hope you enjoy the forums, contests, dioramas, interviews, arcade and all the other sections of the site.


Another solution is to type their names in google under Images and you can burn them to a CD and take them to wal*mart and print as many as you want. That's how I did it with my Kenny Baker pictures. for me a 4x6 costs 46 cents.



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welcome to the site... It might be a bit before I can do the images you have requested but some of those are already done.

Tim Dry - You can check out his autograph thread here. In the first post of that thread you'll see the cards i did. There are also a lot of good images in his new interview page at this site, which you can find here

Barrie Holland - Barrie will only sign officially licensed photos, but i could make a few of mine and you could give it a try. His interview page also has a lot of good image, which you can find here

Sean Crawford - we don't have anything on him yet, but i'll see what i can do

Derek Lyons - we don't have anything on him yet, but i'll see what i can do

Alan Harris - his autograph page is here with images

Chris Parsons - we don't have anything on him yet, but i'll see what i can do

Stephan Fitzalan - we don't have anything on him yet, but i'll see what i can do


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Thank´s for all your help !

These pictures on this site are fantastic and helps me a lot.

Would be great, if anyone could help me with the other pictures.

Again....thank you very much for you help.