Aus-wan Kenobi

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Just joined up and wanted to say hi. My wife actually stumbled onto this site somehow and told me about it a while ago, and i have just signed up now. I am from Melbourne, Australia and have benn collecting Star Wars gear on and off since 1982. I dont have a huge collection, but I am happy with it. I cant wait to have a look around and see whats here.

Jedi Daniel

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Re: G'day

G'Day Aus-wan Kenobi. Great to see another fellow Aussie. I'm over in Perth and I've been collecting since 1995.

Aus-wan Kenobi

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Hi Jedi, I am mainly into collecting the vintage stuff. Its been a few years since I have been collecting, but I starting to get back into it. Dont know much about the new stuff though, but I'm sure i will pick up on it pretty quick.

Darth Aussie

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Welcome Aus-Wan, Glad to see another Aussie on board. Anything i can help with, Don't hesitate to ask....


Welcome. We're going to have to rename this place The Outback Spy soon ;)

Hope you enjoy yourself here.