Forum Upgrade


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The forum has been updated to a newer version of the software. There may be a few issues (likely related to color scheme/styling) that may yet need to be resolved.


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The vast majority of changes in this version are to improve things that go on behind-the-scenes. So, there isn't much to talk about in the way of new 'stuff'. In this post, I'll highlight 2 changes.

1. The system for limiting bot registrations and limiting SPAM posts has been made more sophisticated.
2. The editor (which you use every time you post or edit a message) has been completely replaced.

Let's go into some detail on the changes to the editor...
  • If you use Chome or Firefox as your browser and have an image in your clipboard, you can paste it into the editor. It will automatically upload as an attachment if possible. If successful, this works exactly like uploading an image and then clicking the 'full image' button.
  • If your web browser supports it, you can now drag and drop files into the editor to upload them.
  • You can tag users in your post using the following syntax: @Borsk. Tagged users will receive an alert about the message (similar to the alert received if you are quoted in a post).
  • There's a new way to select smilies. Previously, they were contained in a dropdown.
  • Drafts of any message you type into the forum (forum post, conversation, etc) will automatically be saved as a draft as you type. You can leave the site with a half-complete message typed up, return, and it should still be waiting there for you to finish.
  • You will receive a notification of any new posting to a thread that you are currently replying to. The new postings can be displaying without reloading the page or losing progress on the message you're creating.
  • The editor is designed to be responsive and should work better with mobile devices.