E2 card design revealed


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I luv em.

I can't wait to have this fig in my grubby paws ;)

It looks like we'll get a little extra thingie with the figs too- is that a droid?

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For the most part, I love it. The hands holding the saber remind me of the good ole' days in Star Wars. Looks kinda retro. What I don't like is the text for Attack of the Clones. It just looks wrong. Aside from that, though, I give it two thumbs up.



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The card is very interesting...I think I would prefer to have a larger picture of the character to spice up the individual card. We're basically given a thumbnail of the character to make room for the super-sized bubble.

On the other hand, it's somewhat appropriate that, because of the lack of a large character picture, all the cards will look almost identical to each other (read: clones).


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I think they are great! They don't exactly fit in style-wise with the rest of the modern line, but they are cool none-the-less. A sneak peek at a new Obi-wan? Bonus!


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Don't mind me, that BANG was just my jaw hitting the floor!

I can't believe that the new card design is already out. It looks awsome!! I love how it goes back to the vintage style boarder and SW logo. Although the bubble is quite odd indeed.

It looks like the early rumors must have been wrong about the new figures being Tri-Logo cards. Oh well. It still looks SWEET!!

I love it!!


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Yeah I was pretty surprised myself when I stumbled upon this.
I like the look of the card although I will agree that the text seems a bit strange. I like the blue of the card, which is something we haven't had before and I like that. I also like the 2 hands holding the saber which is reminiscent of the Vintage Star Wars lines.
Is that the new Obi-Wan or just a customized mock-up? It is hard to get a good look at the picture and you can't make it bigger to my knowledge. The little extra thingy is a mixed feeling for me. Generally I don't care for things that don't really go well with the actual figure. For instance the mini Sith Infiltrator from the KB exclusive Trophy Maul kind of stunk. But maybe this is the route Hasbro will take as an alternative to including a CT chip, stand, Force File, Freeze Frame, etc.


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I don't mean to be the party pooper here, :toedc:but........

The reason the pic is like that, is so that hasbro can use a generic card, saves $$$.:no:

Personally, i think that they could ditch the little extra plastic thing and give us a personalized card. that little extra plastic thing will probably jack the price up another buck.

bring back the vintage style cards:rockon:


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At first glance, It looked like a cross between a Vintage and a newer type card. I like the style. You know, this may be just a proto and end up with some changes. I think Attack of the Clones text belongs on the card face someplace and not on the bubble. The blue background card will be a very nice change in color and makes the card stand out nicely. I do like the saber with the hands, however I think I would better like this graphic on the third movie SW cards as It would tie in better with the New Hope movie poster and theme. Overall I like the card.:D


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Figure looks awesome
love the Card but cant really wait untill the first time i see the SW toy aisle with all the new figs out in the new packaging
my eyes were wide with awe the first time i went into my local kmart and saw all the figures taking up a entire aisle of nothing but SW stuff now sadly it just one peg of POTJ and it doesnt catch the eye as it did before with the EP 1 cards
cant wait to add some more figures to my collection
now how many days is it till the new figures are out?:D :p

I Seen pictures of the old vintage line and those cards were great
had HUGE pictures of the charactor that was in the bubble
but I really think this picture of obi-wan is a deluxe figure or sort of like that and the regular figures i hope will have a smaller bubble and a bigger picture of the charactor. love the hands grasping the lightsaber a homeage to the vintage line

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Most Impressive .... although we in Aussie will probably get them a little later than you guys.



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LOVE THE NEW DESIGN!!! (if in fact it actually stays that way...sigh).

Micro Machines EP1 card design was probably my most favorite out of all the EP1 merchandise. The rich blur color and the ultra cool photo of Obi fit right in with the design. It would of been nice to see that card for the 4" figures!:D