Don't Lose Your Head


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Since i screwed up and forgot to update the game last night and did not update the game until this morning, i will update the remaining games around 9am central time, each day, to give everyone a fair chance to get in.


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Seems my luck hasn't run out yet, maybe there's hope for it after all :-s
Going with A, today. I just have a bad feeling about that number :-p


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The standings after day 3 .....

7 darkside449
7 schmuck man
7 xwing25
7 Yoda Man
7 Rancisis
6 chilaquil66
6 gatorfett
5 Jaguar
5 Nightwing
5 obre
5 Zepp
5 DarkJediCB
4 Cornfritter
4 nack5811
3 Black Robot
3 Carl Waterworth
3 Darth Boru
3 darthskellington
2 cplfreezer
2 mynock11
2 rogueace2000
1 Phoenix7_1025
1 vader419

and now onto day 4 ........