Darth Skellington's Collection 2.0


Dark Lord of the Typos
Well, I've been at it again. This time I've added three new display stands I got from work, and custom made a display case for the wall in my SW room.


Dark Lord of the Typos
First up is a pair of red metal racks that originally held beef jerky. They're are slightly different from each other, but are basically metal wire racks on wheels.

I zip-tied pegboard (also from work), bought pegs (the most expensive part), and hung almost all my carded figures on one rack. The end result looks pretty spiffy, holding 98 carded figures, plus some boxed items on the bottom.

I ended up using zip-ties on the back side to display my lightsabers and a couple blasters.

The second rack I haven't modified yet, as is came with some custom pegs designed to hang on the wire, and I can't really afford the pegs. ($0.80 each!) It also has a detachable shelf on top. Right now, I just have random collectibles crammed onto it. :D


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Dark Lord of the Typos
Next up is a black shelf unit, also on wheels. This held Gatorade, and is pretty heavy-duty. I ended up putting a variety of collectibles on it.

The white shelf that was in this corner got moved to the other side of the closet.

Top shelf: Saga Imperial Shuttle, Cruisemissle Trooper, Deka ROTJ cup, Aurra Sing Masterpiece Box, and a generic ceramic Chewbacca bust/lamp.

2nd shelf: Epic Duels Game, Vintage POTF Playdoh set, and X-Wing and A-Wing fighters.

3rd shelf: 20th Ann. figure 2-packs, vintage and Saga TIE Fighters. Plus a POTJ B-Wing hanging off the side :D

4th shelf: Half of my SW paperbacks, plus a complete set of vintage Burger King glasses from all three movies. (Still looking for those "footed" ESB glasses though-they have a ring around the base like the SW and ROTJ glasses do-let me know if you have any to spare).

Bottom shelf: the latter half of my paperback collection, plus a sampling of 12" figures.


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Dark Lord of the Typos
Finally is the custom-made display cases, which have been on teh back burnere for months and finally got made. They aren't fancy, but considering my carpentry skills (next to none), they turned out quite well.

I built these to cover the windows in my SW room, which look out into a carport and were never open anyway. I figured that was an amazing waste of wall-space. I'd better change that ;)

I ended up making three cases that go side by side. Each one is 40" tall, 30" wide, and 3.75" deep. The shelves just rest on tacking nails. I stuck cardboard on the back, and hung plexiglass from the front.

I plan on printing out backdrops for each row when I get a new ink cartridge. The final product holds 298 figures, plus 2 Mynocks and an Eopie. My vintage and Jabba's Palace themed figures are already in the bookcase, while almost everything else is in dioramas. So, now the only figures that aren't on display are duplicates or redundant figures, such as the other 30 Tatooine Lukes Hasbro blessed us with :looking:


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Dark Lord of the Typos
I'll post more pics if and when I ever get backgrounds printed. And hey, if I do that maybe I'll actually finish that custom V-19 Torrent Fighter I was building. ;) I haven't given up on it...I'm just lazy.
Darth Skellington,

I had not had a chance to look at all your pictures until today. I am very impressed with the amount of stuff you have collected. I love your Star Wars displays. I wish I had space to make my own Star Wars Room. That has been my dream for a few years, and I will try and do it sometime soon.

Congratulations and May The Force Be With You.


Dark Lord of the Typos
Thanks Chilaquil :)

I always had as much on display as possible, but it wasn't until recently that I really went all out. I wish I had a couple more room so I could display everything, form 12" to ships to Sigma to Hallmark ornaments to sleeping bags .....and on and on.

I recommend rotating displays of your favorite stuff if you don't have room to display it all. Make a neat display. Then force yourself to tear it down and make another one after a few months. And post pictures! It's more fun when you can show everybody, regardless of how massive or small the collection. It's how much it means to you that counts.

Meanwhile, start getting ideas for what how you want to display your collection. I tend to save pictures of how everybody else displays their collections, that way I have references to the ideas I like.

Anywya, thanks again for the praise. Much appreciated :D


Dark Lord of the Typos
Here's a few new pics. I decided to set up the Cantina on the black corner rack.

More pics soon.


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S.C.A.L.P. Wpns Supplier
Great pictures Darth Skellington! I love your Hoth battle scene the most, and by using that white bed sheet it does look like snow. You also did a great job on the display cases. I have a question about those... some pictures they look like they're hanging on the wall and a couple others look like you built them into your wall (recessed). How are they installed?


Dark Lord of the Typos
Thanks DA & dustrho.

The cases are hanging on the wall, in front of the useless windows. I'd thought about putting shelving in the window frames, but decided against that for a number of reasons, including sunlight and moisture/humidity.

The cases are basically big craft board rectangles (3 separate). On the top corners of each I attached eye-hook hangers. (I think that's what they're called. Just a flat piece of metal with two screw holes, and a U-shaped hoop attached at the top.) These hang from large screws I driled into the wall and/or window frame.

The rest is all minor details. The little shelves are just resting on tacking nails. The back is large pieces of cardboard. The plexi-glass I had to have cut. I then drilled holes in the top corneres and hung it from L-shaped hooks. Caution--Make sure the holes are big enough to clear the L, or you'll snap the plexiglass. I was lucky and only snapped off a tiny corner. I'd planned on velcro-ing the bottoms, but still haven't gotten to that. The droid tank and lampshade pretty much hold them in place.

That first picture shows them without the cardboard back, hence the recessed look. Barely noticeable on the left side of the 2nd picture is a recessed display. That's been there for years. A window air-conditioner had been mounted in the wall, leaving a perfect place for little shelves.


Dark Lord of the Typos
BTW dustrho: My neighbors have always been impressed with my displays, and were wondering if anyone else had similar stuff. Anybody else? ;) I pulled up the internet and showed them a few other collections, including your website. (And Barada's and Cpl Freezer's respective shrines). They were quite amazed :)


Dark Lord of the Typos
Here are some other new and old displays around the room.

First up is my Vintage 12" figures. Luke has custom Jedi outfit that came with the auction :)

Next is the recessed shelf where the air conditioner was, containing PVCs and Action Masters.

Third is a Vader/Maul display on top of the glass legal bookcase. Behind it I framed all my Celebraton 1 adn SW Insider passes.

Last two are some more autographs, including Brigitte Kahn (Toryn Farr), Irvin Kirshner (ESB Director), Don Henderson (General Tagge), and signed cards (Bill Hootkins, John Hollis, Frank Oz, Clive Revill, John Morton, Jerome Blake).


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Dark Lord of the Typos
What's in the Closet?

Having run out of room IN the room, I decided to tackle the closet. Behind the wall of autographs (pictured in my first collection thread), is the jam-packed closet display. :D

It includes 12" Figures, the carded collection racks, random favorite vintage collectibles, and newer items.

Vintage items include food containers, place mats, lunch boxes, tins by Metal Box and Chein, die-cast ships, and Sigma (and newer Applause) mugs.

New items include Epic Force figures, Palm Talkers, Applause statues, and Riddell mini-helmets.


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Dark Lord of the Typos
More of the above, plus the second weapons rack. It doesn't look as nice as the lightsaber rack, or as complete.

Also, almost all the Applause 10in vinyl figurines (missing 2nd Vader and Prisoner Leia)


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S.C.A.L.P. Wpns Supplier
darthskelington said:
I pulled up the internet and showed them a few other collections, including your website. (And Barada's and Cpl Freezer's respective shrines). They were quite amazed :)

Cool! I'm in the process right now of taking new pictures of everything I have, and I'm hoping to have my site updated sometime this week. I'll let everyone know when I'm finished.

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
i'm actually in the process of looking for a new digital camera now (also to use over at C3 and US hols). anyone have a preference to brands, models, etc?
Once i have it up and running i can do the same for here with my collection...


S.C.A.L.P. Wpns Supplier
Darth Aussie said:
Once i have it up and running i can do the same for here with my collection...

Canon, Olympus or Fujifilm are the only ones I would consider buying. I've two Olympus cameras and one Canon Powershot... all are GREAT cameras. Out of those three my favorite is my Canon.


Dark Lord of the Typos
I'm using an Olympus D-390. It's OK. It's actually on loan form my parents--was a gift to them. It's only a 2 megapixel, which it the main drawback. Get a least a 3 or 4 megapixel. This is a low-end Olympus, but works pretty nice for me. My only concern right now is it sometimes takes a long time (10 seconds or so) to "get ready" sometimes. Could just be because my house is so dark though.

I just got a bigger (256mb) memory card in the mail today, courtesy of ebay. Now I can take lots of pictures at C3. :D


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Darth Aussie said:
i'm actually in the process of looking for a new digital camera now (also to use over at C3 and US hols). anyone have a preference to brands, models, etc?
Once i have it up and running i can do the same for here with my collection...
Nikon D70 ;)

dpreview is a good site.