Collectible of the Day 283 - Star Wars Apples


Dark Lord of the Typos

While hunting for Star Wars Mac & Cheese today, I came across a 5-lb bag of Star Wars apples at a local Cost Plus grocery store. They also had Frozen themed apple bags. The apples are distributed by the Sage Fruit Company, which is a large distributor of apples and other fruit, meaning these bags could potentially be found at any grocery store. The bags feature Vader on the front, and Yoda on the back. Though not visible here, there is also a Stormtrooper hiding out on the neck of the bag. Will post a photo of that after chowing d own on a few apples. :p

Promotions involving fresh produce are fairly uncommon, although not unheard of. This is a great opportunity to snag something unique to add to your collection. I do recall a promotion maybe 8 years ago, that involved Sunkist citrus and Sesame Street characters. The bags all came with an inexpensive collectible magnet inside. The Star Wars bags, I'm afraid, contain only delicious apples.


Buzz Bumble

Furry Ewok
Hmmmm ... Disney certainly seem to be milking the franchise for everything they can get (and people thought George Lucas was greedy). :rolleyes:


Damn! why oh why did I not check this site sooner?? I have been looking for these ever since I found out about them to no avail here in Florida. I am so stupid!!! I should have known you would have gotten these as you collect the same kind of things I do.