Changing your E-mail address


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This is more for veteran members, but this forum isn't just for saying hello to new members, it's also about learning how to use the forum.

I've noticed lately that a few of our regular members have tried to change their email address but did not confirm the email address or made a typo when they tried to change it.

Everytime you change your email address, the forum will require that you verify the address. If you do not, it will automatically remove you from the registered usergroup and place you in the incomplete registration usergroup. This means you cannot post and enjoy the other benefits of being a registered member. Please be very careful when you change your e-mail address.

The 3 members that I spoke of having this issue all have hundreds of posts to their name. I have no way of knowing how long they've been stuck in limbo. I certainly hope that they didn't misinterpret what happened as a punishment - because it was not.

Bottom line - If you change your email address in your profile, please make sure that it is a valid address and please validate it. If something goes wrong, please notify myself or someone else on the staff and we'll get it fixed.

Thanks :)


Can you name them Borsk?

If they have hundreds of posts, it would be a shame that an incorrect email change shut them out. Perhaps someone may recognize them elsewhere, and give them a shout out?


Yoda Man

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That would explain why some people haven't posted in a while. But wouldn't you think they would have emailed a moderator about it?


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chilaquil66, Blueharvest, Deathstar

I've added them back to the normal, registered group. Normally, I would not notice something like this, but I'm working on something involving trading feedback (and those guys are all traders). These guys could have been bumped to the inactive group yesterday or years ago - no idea.


We currently have 118 other members who don't have active accounts because they never verified their email address. Because these 118 people have zero posts, I'm presuming that they never verified their email address when they joined.

I'm not going to sell your e-mail address to advertisers (like some other sites do). So don't worry about that. The reason we ask for the email address is so we have a way to contact you and to reduce the number of people making more than one account.