C4 & C-Europe: Fan Club and Insider separated


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The Official Site announced today that the Fan Club (Hyperspace) and the Insider Magazine will be separate entities now (and will be cheaper in the long run, at least with the introductory offer). This will have a bearing on anyone wishing to use their Fan Club membership at either of this year's Celebrations.

The full article is here:


This shouldn't cause any problems for anyone....and will probably help families out (who want multple memberships but not multiple magazie subscriptions).

I'll need to double check the dates though. The new format takes effect April 1st. However....GenCon has some March cut-off dates...but I think that is just for refunds. You have to have your Fan Club membership in effect by a certain date in order to get your Fan Club/Celebration related materials mailed to you.


Dark Lord of the Typos
GenCon hasn't updated their site to reflect any of this...but it doesn't affect them in any way. In oreder to get your Fan Club benefits (lanyard..family passes) mailed to you for C4, you need to have your Fan Club Membership in place before March 15th. In general, you need to have an active Fan CLub membership from March 15-May 28.


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Is this the same deal where the fan club line is the same size or longer than the regular line?

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The fan club line is likely to be way bigger than the standard line this time round - they've reduced to cost of the fan club for international members......


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Just a reminder to everyone that Fan Club membership must be in place before March 15th if you want Gencon to mail you your C4 fan club benefit package (lanyard, friends and faily passes, etc). They start verifying membership on the 15th. Anything not verified then will have to be picked up at will-call at C4. International fan club members are will-call regardless.

For those wondering about the price changes....they take effect on April 1st, after the GenCon deadline. For anyone who wants an Insider subscription and Fan Club (Hyperspace) membership....this is no big deal. The cost is the same ($39.95 now vs. a combined total of $39.94 if purchased on April 1st).

However, if you need Fan Club memberships for multiple people..there is a drastic difference. Right now you have to pay $39.95 per person (and get Hyperspace and magazine subscriptions). After April 1st you can buy just the Fan Club membership for $14.95 per person. Makes a big difference if you don't need more than one magazine subscription.


Dark Lord of the Typos
Hmmm....there is also currently a U.S. only gift-subscription....whish costs $19.95. It includes a 6-month fan club membership.....3 issues of Insider.....special event benefits (i.e. C4), but NO membership kit (no free patches, stickers..or other junk you would otherwise get from a full -year membership).