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Darth Aussie

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Set for Alf completed. Unfortunately Promo now finished here As Tumblers have "run dry" (pardon the Pun). Have tumbler Set for WC but no puppets. Sorry guys......

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I've now managed to get all the Australian 'Sith' Tumblers and all of the finger puppets and the plastic Darth Vader mask. I do have a spare Yoda one though.


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Darth Aussie said:
Set for Alf completed. Unfortunately Promo now finished here As Tumblers have "run dry" (pardon the Pun). Have tumbler Set for WC but no puppets. Sorry guys......

No problem. :)


My set and the one for Darth Aussie are complete!!! Just need to get my other trader to send the ones I need for Darth Boru .

No more Burgers!! :dance: No more fries! :dance: YAY!! :dance:


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Yesterday I got the Super Battle Droid and Tarful, and I picked up Watto today. My BK Super-D collection is now complete!

:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: (x 31)​

Darth Boru

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Alf, you're the best! Many thanks.

A box of the European BK toys (plus a small token of thanks) is in the post to you today.


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Its not over!!!


Hot on the thrusters of Burger King's extremely popular series of
Star Wars Super-D figures and vehicles, an all-new series of 17
additional collector toys are set to target your local Burger King
restaurant in conjunction with the Revenge of the Sith DVD!
Four all new categories of the Super-D series have been devised for
this stellar promotion, each containing four characters from the
Star Wars saga. In addition, Darth Vader returns as the elusive
chase figure, this time sporting a sound chip heaving his signature
rasp. Categories include:

Cosmic Cruisers -- rolling spring-loaded vehicles that launch from
special keys inserted in the back:
ARC Clone Fighter
Vulture Droid
Naboo Starfighter

Shadow Casters --- by depressing a button on the back, an image is
projected from the bottom of the figure:
Stormtrooper with Imperial logo
Queen Amidala with Anakin Skywalker
Bail Organa with Yoda
R2-D2 with Princess Leia

Galactic Spinners -- tops that you rev up and spin on a "whirler"
revealed by removing the figure's lower half:
Emperor Palpatine
Luke Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker

Jedi Wisdom -- magic fortune telling cubes are revealed beneath
these four Jedi figures:
Obi-Wan Kenobi from A New Hope
Mace Windu
Kit Fisto

Finally, a Darth Vader chase figure with sound chip will be tough
one to find this time, so make sure to perk up your Sith sense
looking for them.
Have It Your Way Destiny Watches
In addition to the new figures and vehicles, six unique flip watches
commemorating each film in the saga will also be available in
special collectible tins. The six Destiny Watches truly allow you
to "Have It Your Way" -- each liquid crystal digital watch face can
be flipped to reveal a laser hologram image on the reverse, and each
sports two completely different patterns on each side of the watch
bands. What's more, the two halves of each watch band can be
swiveled independently, allowing for eight different configurations!
Each watch comes in a collectible tin with stylized embossed imagery
and one of six titles from the Star Wars saga.

Look for the Destiny Watches, which will be available for $1.99 with
the purchase of any Adult Value Meal, and the free with Kids Meal
Super-D saga figures starting November 7 and running through
December 11, or while supplies last.


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Arrrrgh, I'll have to get the whole set again...I don't even want to think about eating all this food again. :p Why do these have to be so cute??? Maybe I can lose 20 pounds before this starts, and then just not have to worry about gaining it back. :rolleyes: At least there are only 17 toys this time!

The watches and tins, Amidala and Kit Fisto


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Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
mmm i wonder if the Aussie Hungry Jacks are going to have a similar promotion. i really don't want to get into this food again either. totally sympathise with you WC.......