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My main goal of my recent trip to Star Wars Weekends at Disney World was to get Rick McCallum's signature and i did quite nicely. I was able to get him to sign my 3 prequel posters as well as these 3 oversized post cards (8x10). One thing that is odd, is that he seems to change his "R" every other time. You'll notice the same thing on the posters.


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Yeah Rick rocks. I wasn't going to post as I'm still hoping to win his autograph. <evil grin>

The first weekend when he was there my fiance and I split up - she went in one line for a fast pass, I went in Ricks (where I saw the Bothan spy folks in front of me). I go through, meet him, he signs my Ep1 Press Screening Pass from Cali - confirming it was 'the one he got too' which was nice - then after my fiance took our pic he proceded to give me crap that she wasn't with me and commenting that she's beautiful and I need to "take care of her", screaming it at her a la Vince Vaughn. Hilarious.

We both got passes for him the last weekend and he remembered us and he thanked me for bringing her this time. He asks our names, I say Bret and Kelly. He stops me, corrects me, and proceeds to sign "To KELLY and Bret".

My favorite guest of all time at SWW!


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yeah, he signed two for borsk, one had the rounded "R" the other was straight.