Yup. Very impressive indeed. Hey BlueHarvest, you want some sickening news? That was one of the first figures I bought almost seven years ago, and it was in this same condition, and I thought I was paying too much at $165 Canadian! I really hope this doesn't come across as boasting, but I just had to share that one! Believe me, it does not leave my starcase.


P.S. Finally got an avatar, eh? Looks good, but I'll bet a trucking one may look better for you!


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Hey there Barada! That's a pretty darn good price you paid for Amanaman! It is a neat figure and to have it in great condition is the icing on the cake!

Glad you liked my avatar! I picked that one because that's how I felt after I left work today...... I HATE MONDAY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flame:

I'm trying to find a cool looking big truck for my next avatar... I will find one! Oh yes... I will find one!

Thanks for the reply Barada dude!