Active Members

How active do you need to be to be considered an active member?

(I don't figure I'm very active anymore - kinda like an irregular regular. Maybe a little Space Pepto Bismal otta fix that.) lol


Dark Lord of the Typos
Hard to say. It's been slow these past few years, what with many of the moderators, frequent posters, and international memebers, having to devote more time to their "real-life" lives. These days the autograph section is very active, due to the nature of the hobby. It requires frequent updates about requests and responses...and is a show-and-tell hobby anyway. We also have contest players, who frequently post in the Lotto, but nowhere else. You've been a Spy for nearly 7 years Chris, and still find time to pop in once in a while and post. That's active in my book. :)