Wolf O'Donnell in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!


Bothan-Loving Crazy
Post your thoughts on Wolf for Brawl here, but please, read the thread before you go babbling about "Wolf is a Fox clone" and making yourself look foolish. Also, no flaming or spamming, plz.

Petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/225963/petition.html

Character Demo for Wolf, Geno, and Skull Kid by Silver88: http://www.freewebs.com/taco10200/ssbb.swf

Following is a copy of my support thread on Nintendo Nsider Forums, where I am Wolf's main proponent. Included are movesets, a "Wolf is not a Fox clone" essay, and a character description,

Table of Contents

1) A barebones description

2) Movesets

3) "Wolf is NOT a Fox clone" essay


Wolf is a "Quasi-evil" character. He seems dark at first glance, but there is more there. Him saving Fox and helping the team in SFA gave his personality more ... "dynamicness". Wolf keeps only a few close friends, does not care what the critics say, and is willing to do anything for what he believes in. "Anything" can be limited; I've not seen him on a killing rampage yet. People say he's an evil mercenary, murderer, etc. Where'd you get that from? Show me. No example has ever been provided that he does those things. Wolf is confident, clever, a good leader, and protective of the few he's close to. His personality almost exactly matches mine (I'm not quite an evil mercenary, or w/e). Also, I've identified w/ this personality again. Another character that finds fraternity w/ Wolf in terms of personality is Magneto. For that, I'm also enthralled with him. Wolf would not be anything like a Fox clone, as Star Fox Assualt opened up many Wolf possibilities for moves. Wolf would add to both the Star Fox Characters, and to the Villains(although I don't consider him a villain). SSBM was VERY short on both of those categories. Wolf is the ideal addition for Star Fox, he deserves a spot.


2a) Wolf O'Donnell - By YoshiRancher.


Movement Speed: ****(A little slower than Marth)
Attack Speed: ****( A little slower than Falco)
Weight: ***(? Not sure. W/ armor and equipment, slightly heavier than Mario, but lighter than Link.)
Jumping: ***(~60-70% height of highest jumper)
Damage Resistance: Slight physical. He is wearing armor, and if the armor is going to slow him down, there should be a reason for wearing it.
Addendum: I will add to this later.(extra notes)
Damage: ***.5 (3.5) (Wolf is meant to be a fair amount stronger than Fox)

Advantage: Fair speed, high speed attacks, good traction, almost a fastfaller.
Disadvantage: Good traction and almost a fastfaller can be disadvantages.

A - Punch.
A,A,A - Punch, elbow, knee.
Right A - Elbow
Running A - Slide tackle.

Smash A: Punch/elbow alternation.
Smash Right - Heavy Kick.
Smash Up - Bazooka bludgeon.(Sounds stupid, but can you imagine getting beaten by a bazooka? Ouch)
Alt Smash up: Flip. Does a back flip. First hit is the first foot, which stuns and knocks up slightly. The second foot does less of both than the first, and the tail is the heavy blow, w/ significant knockback. A three-hit combo. Think of Link's if you can't picture it.
Smash Down - Tail swipe(multiple spins depending on charge).

Jump - Standard.
Double jump - Front tuck or backflip, depending on which way he's headed.
A - Punch
Forward A - elbow
Back A - tail bludgeon
Up A - Kick up.(Not like Fox's, does a flip in place to hit w/ both feet)
Down A - Tail trip. (Like Yoshi's, but not as powerful.)
B - Slug thrower. Charge move. More bullets as charge increases. If the max charge(7 secs) is reached, Wolf's hands will glow until you unleash it. The machinegun w/ be a gattling gun when fully charged, which means energized bullets. (standard do 1% per hit, energized... 3%?) Energized also have a much more significant knockback.
Up B - Missile launcher. Similair to PK thunder, you can control the trajectory. Strike yourself w/ the missile to become a flaming projectile. You can detonate the missle w/ B. The missile explodes on contact, or on attempt to block/reflect.
Alt Up B - Jet pack. Wolf himself becomes a projectile, and has temporary movement freedom. The flames are severely devastating.
Down B - Trickery. This is one of my best. Wolf counters a hit for 1.5 times the damage. The target, if close enough, is stunned(As if their shield was broken) for a time based on how far Wolf would have been sent flying by the countered blow. Stun time cannot exceed 6 seconds, and the stunned recovers upon being struck. The move blocks projectiles, but does not reflect them. Wolf stays in the countering position for ~1.5 seconds, after which there is a ~.5 sec lag time. If grabbed while in countering mode, the grab is broken and both characters slightly knocked back. Neither takes damage nor is stunned. Can be used on recovering(getting back to stage) characters. Will interrupt the recovery and knock downward at a medium rate, depending on damage. The target can still use another recovery move. Also, recovery grabs are broken, and the grabber is knocked down at twice the normal rate.
Alt Down B: Pulse Mine. Wolf sets a mine. Any character walking near it is stunned by the pulse, and then nailed by the explosion. Wolf cannot place more than 3 mines at any time. If he attempts another, there is an 85% chance of him successfully placing it, but the oldest of the 4 current mines despawns, and there is a 15% chance of Wolf bending over/crouching to place the mine, realizing he doesn't have one, and looking silly. This will cause about 1.5 secs of vulnerability.
Smash B - Homing Launcher. Just holding the control stick sends a homing shell after the nearest opponent. A smash to the control stick sends a powerful non-guided shell.
Alt side B - Grenade. Aimed like Yoshi's egg. Explodes on contact w/ character, or rolls along ground if no contact is achieved. Can be detonated w/ B. Cannot be picked up, and does not cook.
Neutral: Standard kick. Like Link's.
Back air: Tail Strike(Like Mewtwo's, but stronger.)
Alt Back air: Double back kick.
Foward air: Kicks in an arc foward, then hits w/ tail as second strike while spinning... Similair to Link's, but not as strong and different knockback.
Down air: Stomp(spike).
Up air: Spin kick. Does a flip. Feet and tail will have damaging effect.

Grab - Just reaches out and grabs... medium-long range. Can grab someone behind using tail(if in range.) Wolf will automatically grab a person behind if grab is used and no ppl are in front.
A - Knee to guts or elbow to face... 3% dmg.
Right - Tosses up a little, catches on knee w/ breaking force, smacks off w/ elbow and kicks foward.
Up - Tosses straight up, then nails w/ a zooker shell. Target is stunned until AFTER the shell hits, no reflecting/blocks/evading
Back - Tosses them over him, stuns w/ a tail thwack, then gives them a hefty kick to the rear.
Down - Shoves grabee into ground face down, and somersaults across his/her back, starting at the head and going all the way down, crushing the spine. Wolf then slides the person away w/ his tail to avoid recovery hits.

Air: Like the sidestep, but in air.
Sidestep - Creates 4-5 Wolves, but all are wraith-like and intangible. The real, colored Wolf is not among them, and comes back after the dodge.
Roll - Illusionary. Disappears, and can string up to 3 rolls(Slides, actually) in a row w/o having to reappear.

From fall into defensive - Handspring or roll, depending on DI.
Attack from hanging(0-99%) - Wolf tornado. Like Fox's dair, only w/ more knockback and horizontal.

Attack from hanging (100%+) - Struggles, then does an overhand punch as he flips onto the stage.
Attack from lying face down - Does a flip, clearing legs over head, and damaging/knocking back anyone hit by legs. Does a tail hit after returning to a standing position to clear any "Clever" opportunists.
Attack from lying face up - Propeller kick.(Like CF)
Ground to Roll - Illusionary slide/ roll to standing.

Kirby Outfit - Grey ears, one violet eye, and the cyborg eye. Maybe the unruly center patch of white b/w ears?

Arena- Sargasso Hideout. Moving elevators, machinegun turrets, wandering robots, and henchmen.

Taunt - 1) Leans on knee opposite of direction originally facing and says" I'll take care of everything."
2) Wags finger warningly...and says "Don't mess w/ me."
3) After dealing damage, says "What's the matter? You done already?".

Shield - Standard, but violet(Like his eye)

Symbol - Probably the StarFox emblem. In the next SSB, more SW ppl should be added, and SW will have its own emblem. I'm well aware that Wolf isn't a part of SF, but I'm not going to give him his very own symbol when there are (hopefully) 3 others w/ the SF emblem.

Claps - Crosses arms and is turned away. Does not applaud.
Victory pose 1 - Dual machine gun... fires in a frenzy. "Victory is MINE!"
Victory pose 2 - Evil chuckle while tossing a grenade b/w hands
Victory pose 3 - Hands on hips or crosses arms and says "Ha, is that all you got?"


Bothan-Loving Crazy

2b) Here’s Giftednsoccer’s move set Wolf. His A- attacks are similar but I put a lot of emphasis on his special and grab attacks


Size ***
Weight **
Power ****
Speed ****
Jump ****


A Button - Punch right

A Button (second)- punch left

A (while dashing)- Knockback

Left or Right + A- Wolfen Kick

Up + A- Flip Kick

Down + A- Wolf Tail

Smash Left or Right + A- Wolfen Uppercut

Smash Up+ A - Flip Kick

Smash Down+ A- Sweep Kick

A Button (in air)- Flying Punch

Forward+ A (in air)- Falling Kick

Backward+ A (in air)- Back kick

Up+ A (in air)- Wolfen Flip

Down+ A (in air)- Drill Kick


Z or (R + A)- Grab

A or Z (while holding)- Punch

Forward (while holding)- Rapid Fire- Opponent is thrown forward and hit with a burst of blaster shots.

Backward (while holding)- Bombing- Opponent is thrown backwards and explodes in air

Up (while holding)- Anti-Aircraft- Opponent is thrown up and met with a rocket

Down (while holding)- Hit and Run- Slams the target down and dashes to the side only to detonate a bomb planted on the target


B- Blind Fire- Slides back, throws a smoke-screen forward, and follows through with quick shots from his blaster (not able to chain like Fox and Falco's blaster but smoke screen has a disabling effect )

Left or Right + B- Rocket Launcher- Homes in on targets faster than Samus's but does less damage

Up + B- Arial Alliance- Cuts to a very quick animation of a plane swooping down, catching wolf and carrying him a short distance in the direction designated.

Down + B- Sniper Shot- Temporarily braces wolf to the ground (until button is released or until Wolf receives 20% damage.) During this time Wolf is granted the power to lock onto any target not obstructed by an obstacle. Crosshairs lock around a target to signify lock on. Crosshairs can be toggled between opponents with the C-stick. Wolf is allowed to continue firing until he is moved from the location. Attack does light to medium damage depending on how close the target is hit.

Ultimate Attack- Allied Assault- Signals Leon and Panther who appear in their Wolfens and move across the arena in opposite directions showering the arena with laser fire.

Guilwolf proposed this set on another thread:
"I really don't care WHAT moves he has as long as they arn't a Fox/Falcon rip-off. This is the first time Wolf himself may ever be playable, let along have MOVES.. he should at least do different things. I think he should fight with both a Blaster and some sort of energy weapon.. a dagger or energy sword.. ontop of that I think I'd like his moves to focus more on physical contact rather than long distance/stealthy moves like Fox and Falcon.. so maybe alot of combo kicks and punches.. moves that, when excuted, will actually cause the oponint to be knocked into the air and have Wolf auto leap up to finish the move by kicking them back down to the ground.. something like that.

Wolf O'Donnell
Medium Weight/Speed
Double Jump

Standard Moves:
A - Wolf Punch (Stand Punch, rapid tapping will allow rapid punching)
B - Blaster (Like Falcon's, causes the victim to flinch, hold it down to charge it for a stronger blast. Slash with his Energy Dagger.)
L/R - Energy Shield that will focus only in the direction that Wolf is facing plus above him. It will last much longer than the standard shield and protect against stronger attacks but leaves his back completely open for attacks.
L/R - Standard Grab

Special Moves:
B + Left/Right - Wolf Charge. (Doubles Wolf's speed and will let him Auto-attack anyone he rushes past with his claws or fists.)
B + Up - Wolf Leap. (A strong leap attack that works alot like his Wolf Charge. He'll auto-attack anyone he passes. This allows him perform a single jump that equals two normal jumps.)
B + Down - Weapon Switch. (Causes Wolf to exchange his blaster for a Energy Dagger that can shock another character when touched with it.)

Smash Attacks:
A + Left/Right - Wolf Rage. (Causes Wolf to go into a frenzy and attack the nearest foe. He'll start by knocking them into the air, then leaping up and kicking them back down into the ground in extremely rapid succession. Deals more damage the closer the foe is to Wolf when the attack is used.)
A + Up - Sneak Attack. (Wolf uses either his Dagger or Blaster to unleash several above head attacks in quick succession. Blaster will attack enemies farther above him but do less damage, where-as the Energy Dagger will attack enemies who are almost directly ontop of him but deals out more damage)
A + Down - Melee Storm. (Causes Wolf to stand in spot and attack in a feral rage with both fist and feet. Anyone nearby can be hit. The attack is strong, but leaves wolf standing in place for a second or so)"


2c) This moveset is by GanonFanboy:
"Aha, late night motivation after exam studying has lead to... WOLF! I've taken a big liberty here, since it's unclear as to Star Wolf's fate after the whole Aparoid affair, I've decided that he's alive but he's got a nifty cybernetic claw (henceforth the claw used in electrified claw or cyborg claw moves) and a cyborg eye that can shoot a laserbeam.


Movement Speed: Average
Attack Speed: Average-fast
Weight: Medium
Jumping: Average-good
Damage Resistance: Average
Damage: Average-high

Advantage: Close combat against tanks, all-around duels, medium-close distance combat, preventing running away
Disadvantage: Speedier fighters, distance fighters, huge melees,

A - Slash with claw
A,A,A - Slash, slash, kick
Right A - Slashes with electrified claw
Running A - Spinning slash
Up A - Stabs upward with electrified claw
Down A - Stomps down hard with boot
Back A - Spins and swipes with electrified claw

Smash A:
Smash Right - Charged electrified slash
Smash Up - Charged electrified stab upwards
Smash Down - Charged stomp

B - Wolf charges his electrified claw (short charge time) and then releases a short-ranged beam of energy
Up B - Jetpack boosts upwards
Down B - Wolf pulls one out one of three weapons
- Firebomb grenade (Throws like Link’s bomb, bigger radius but weaker)
- Bio-pistol (Three shots then dissapears, if shot the enemy's controls are scrambled. Short range, slow rate of fire)
- Gravity Bomb (Throw like a projectile, sticks to a surface and draws enemies towards it)
Smash B - Wolf gets a small boost from jetpack, rushes forward and deliver a powerful blow with the electrified claw

Jump - Jumps
Double jump - Jumps again
Dodge - Leans to the side
A - Slashes with electrified claw
Back A - Kicks back
Up A - Overhead kick
Down A - Kick downwards
B - N/A
Up B - Jetpack boosts upwards
Down B - Pulls out one of three weapons...

Grab - Grabs with cyborg claw
A - Shocks
Right - Shocks and then blasts with laser from cyborg eye
Up - Throws upwards
Back - Tosses backwards, turns around, leaps onto the enemy and slashes with electrified claw
Down - Throws into the ground

Sidestep - Leans to the side
Roll - Rolls

From fall into defensive - Spins and lands on feet
Attack from hanging - Flips up to the platform with a sweeping kick
Attack from lying down - Launches *very* short range laser from eye as he gets up (AoE)
Ground to Roll - Leaps

Kirby Outfit - Kirby gets a cyborg eye and arm, as well as some silver fur

Arena - Andross. Located in the center of venom, the arena is a series of many floating debris such as rocks, destroyed ships and hunks of metal. Every now and then Andross and his hands will appear. His hands become platforms, but beware for they may close up on you. Andross might also stir up the debris or spit some random junk at the characters.

Taunt - Howls

Shield - Standard force field

Symbol - Star Fox symbol???

Claps - Yes

I hope he's different enough from Fox, that was my main goal here "


Bothan-Loving Crazy
Wolf O'Donnell is NOT a Fox clone.- A rant essay by YoshiRancher

I have shown movesets and evidence MANY times, always being in the right and proving that Wolf has enormous potential to be far more than a Fox clone. Still, I get the SAME argument, every time. "Wolf would be a Fox clone." My reasoning is ignored, as are my movesets. Therefore, I have decided to make a special essay, which will also be featured in my 2 favorite macros.

Let's start w/ the basics, shall we? Species: Wolf is well, a wolf, whose anatomy is more similar to that of the domesticated dog. Fox is also HIS namesake, whose anatomy is more similar to a cat, or a dog/cat hybrid.(I still say cat more than dog). There is a fundamental difference. The species. Think about this... There is ONE main species in Melee: Humans. Look at how diverse they are. We have dark magic freaks to bomb-happy elf-wannabes to crazy samurais w/ flaming swords to bounty hunters in power suits to plumbers tossing fire to ladies floating w/ a dress and gardening. Now tell me, if ONE species can do SO much and be SO different, surely TWO DIFFERENT species can be at LEAST that diverse? Heck, the only thing denied to Wolf that is found in SSBM is magic, essentially. He actually wields an energy dagger, as well.

Next, some physical differences. Wolf is 6'1'', while Fox is 5'8''. Even height can make a difference. Tall characters probably won't use the same kind of sweeps as shorter ones. Wolf weighs 165 pounds, while Fox is only 140. Weight is also a factor. This can affect fall speed, and traction, both of which, as you know, are quite the factor as far as tiers are concerned.

Wolf is possessed of a cyborg eye. To my knowledge, the eye may have enhancements over just optical funtion. Infrared or X-ray are possibilities, which could also factor into Wolf's abilities. Wolf wears an armored jerkin, while Fox wears a jumpsuit, or his flight jacket. The armor is another key difference, as Wolf might be slower, but have damage resistances.

Next, personalities. As you probably know, Wolf is a darker sort... and his life is probably the reason, as I explain later. Fox is a mercenary, but he's, of course, the hero, and of a lighter alignment. Wolf uses trickery, cunning, illusions, relentlessness and brutality in his dialogue, and in his fights. Fox mainly relies on his speed, as his nature doesn't support trickery. Wolf, although his true species should not be, is far more clever than Fox. This is another major difference, which also factors into movesets.

I'll go to a new topic: Other clones. I get these arguments often. So, let me say the following. Ganondorf is the King of Darkness, and wields the Triforce of Power. Using dark magic, levitation, and even anatomatical transmuting, Ganondorf is a power to be feared and reckoned with. Captain Falcon is a bounty hunter who drives a hovercraft. His moves are based on his bounty hunting and fire. He is muscular, and quick, while Ganondorf is slow. They share almost nothing. Clone material? Far from it. But look how they ended up. As clones. You can't be certain where the clones will occur, now can you?

Now think about Mario and Luigi. Twins, and born only minutes from each other. Raised by the same parents the same way. Both are fire-tossing plumbers with an odd obsession for mushrooms. The are brothers, and far closer to identical. Clone material? Yes. Clones? No. Wow, once again I've proven that clones' placement is not certain.

Another example is found w/ Kirby and Jigglypuff. Both are pink puff balls, both are about the same height and weight, etc. Yet somehow they ended up w/ ENTIRELY different movesets. I rest my case.

Another rather stupid argument I get is "Wolf isn't major, he doesn't even have a backstory." You don't know how wrong you are. With help from his games and the veterans of the SF board, I have determined the following, so shut up and read.

Wolf was raised in a fairly happy environment, and lived on Corneria. Wolf was a close friend of James McCloud, the father of Fox McCloud. Eventually, Wolf and James had a dispute, and Wolf, convinced that he was right, warned James not to go through with his plan. James did, and it cost him his life. Wolf was furious, but decided to keep an eye on James' son, Fox. Fox and Wolf were FRIENDS. From what we can tell, Fox made a BIG mistake, which cost Wolf his eye, and many of his possessions other than the eye. Wolf was furious, and couldn't believe Fox would do such a thing. In the war Andross currently waged, it appears that both Fox's and Wolf's parents perished. In Androsses' next assault, Wolf joined up to support himself, and his friend, Leon, who may have also attended the Academy. Pigma was hired, and Andrew assigned by Andross. After his dogfight with Fox, Wolf realized that he could not bring himself to kill his one-time friend, and vowed to watch out for him instead. Now, getting over a vendetta, forgiving, and especially vowing protection takes IMMENSE inner strength, and I doubt that I could do the same. In SFA, Fox attacked Wolf's home base in an ill-advised mission, assuming Pigma was still with Wolf. Pigma had been kicked out long ago, and the attack simply killed many of Wolf's soldiers and vessels. Wolf was not thrilled, and attacked Fox, attempting to drive him from the system. Wolf did not succeed, however.(Dang AI, I hate it). Wolf, however, knew that something was up, and followed Fox afterward. He was right to do so. He saved Fox from certain death on a wayward mission to Corneria where Fox managed to get himself surrounded by powerful aparoids. Wolf helped Fox escape. Wolf and his team also soon after assist Fox in protecting a space station developing a program to counter the aparoids. Wolf even makes the ultimate sacrifice in the final run against the aparoid queen so Team StarFox can deliver the program. Wolf's wingmen, Leon and Panther, were willing to die right alongside him, which to me suggests a strong, intelligent, fair leader. It was not the end, however. Wolf and his team survive their diversion, and actually appear in StarFox Command. The Wolf lives on. Wolf is fiercy loyal, and protective of those he's close to. He doesn't care what the critics say, and will do anything for a cause he supports. He's confident and a good leader. In this I find a bond to Wolf through personality... and almost consider him a brother. Now THAT is a very deep story, and a dynamic character. As you can see, he's nowhere near "unimportant."

I'll address another point. This is for those of you who have read the movesets and the essay and still remain stubbornly unyielding. So you think Wolf will be a clone. So? Is that necessarily a bad thing? No. If he's a clone, guess where he'll be? Top Tier. Right along side his franchise siblings. He'll be popular, and totally awesome. So to be honest, I might PREFER Wolf as a clone.

Wolf is a dark character from an underrepresented franchise, and he BELONGS in Brawl. His appearance there would forever
ensure his ultimate glory.


My goal was to show you how valid and excellent a character Wolf is. I'm pretty sure I succeeded.

So please, sign this petition!

If I didn't convince you, I'll review a few reasons that you should support Wolf:

Reasons for Wolf to be in Brawl: Why Wolf?

1) Antagonist - Super Smash Brothers Melee was very short on villains, the ratio being 23 heroes to 3 villains. Wolf could help offset that pitiful ratio.

2) Underrepresented franchise - Star Fox has far less characters that it deserves... Four is the ideal total for StarFox in terms of characters.

3) Top-Tier potential - If he ends up like Fox or Falco, he will be one of the best three characters in the game.

4) Huge moveset potential - Demonstrated earlier in the letter, Wolf has plenty of moveset potential.

5) A Nintendo All-Star if I've ever seen one.- Super Smash Brothers is the arena in which the best of Nintendo duke it out. Wolf rightfully deserves a spot, and this Nintendo All-Star MUST be included.

6) Allusions in Melee - I think it would be shameful if you denied all gamers loyal to Nintendo everywhere such a great character in Brawl, especially since he appeared three times in Melee. Once in the opening trailer, where Fox is seen piloting, once in his Wolfen in the trophy, and in the cockpit of his Wolfen on the Venom and Corneria stages.

I don't ask you to become a fan, I ask you to acknowledge Wolf's validity as a character and support him. That's not asking much.