What ship do you want next?


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If you had your choice as to what vehicle Hasbro would produce next, what would it be?
Here are my top three in order of how bad I want them.

1) Imperial Shuttle

2) Jawa Sandcrawler

3) Sith Infiltrator


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Definetly the Imperial Shuttle, it has been made as a micro machine, a lego set, and a POTF toy, but now with new technoligy it would totally rule as a POTJ Toy.:evil:


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Yeah, having never owned the original POTF version I really want this one bad. I hope that the rumors of a 2002 late fall release hold true.


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I assume that the I am with stoopud dealy was becuase you ahve a target near you and can get whatever you want? I live in a twon with population 10,000 we have only one cruddy wal-mart.


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Target SUCKS.
I have Targets all around me........
You have to wait for all of the scalpers that work for the stores to get tired of selling the stuff on ebay, before the new stuff actually hits the floor.


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I would like to see an Imperial Shuttle, but I think I would REALLY like to see a Jawa Sandcrawler. Probably slightly larger than the old one, possibly built as an action figure case. Maybe with better remote-control capabilities (if they decided to do a remote).

Heck, I'd be happy with a stand-alone toy - no sounds, no bells, no whistles...

I just got the vintage sandcrawler from ebay. Have to open it up, because right now, when I try it, it does nothing.



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I'd be pleased with either the Shuttle or Sandcrawler... hopefully we'll eventually end up getting both :D

Never was able to get either from the vintage line, so it'd be great to be able to add 'em to the collection.


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I had the Vintage Sandcrawler as a kid. What a great toy it was. I don't remeber it havind RC capabilities but this was a long time ago we are talking about. I sure wish I had that stuff now.


This is in response to Barney Fife's comment about not having a Target in his area. You know what? In Canada, we don't have a Target in the COUNTRY! Or a KayBee, FAO Schwartz, KMart (at least not anymore), or anything else other than Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. I feel bad for Barney Fife, but man, us Canadian collectors get ripped hard! Even at Wal-Mart, where they have had exclusives such as the 12" Cantina Band, and the holographic Episode I figures, the Canadian chains carried NONE of them! We don't have a chance to buy Skiffs, Y-Wings, B-Wings, 12" Speeder Bikes, or much else that is exclusive at retail. I've actually considered moving to the States because it's the only way to avoid scalpers and ebay up here.

Now that that's done, if I could have a wish list of vehicles, it would be:

1) Sail Barge! - No one mentions this, but I would buy this regardless of the immense size it would have to be.

2) Star Destroyer - Even if it was just the bridge, it would be cool (as long as it isn't like the vintage one)

3) Imperial Shuttle

4) Sandcrawler - If not a remote one, at least one with working treads.



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woo hoo!

I for one am ticked because EP2 should have these in the movies and vehicles should be made...

Z-95 Headhunters!

Gimme one! Action fleet, Hasbro size, Lego!

All of them!


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I would like another Shuttle. I had one when I was a kid, but ruined the electronics when I threw it into our pool!:whoops:

A headhunter would be nice too. I have the Micro Machine and love it!


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What's Next?

Right now I'd settle for the on again, off again, on again Tie Bomber. :mad:
Imperial Shuttle, Sail Barge and Sith Infiltrator would be great assets to any collection.

Will somebody pleeeese get Barney a Y-wing!!!!