Watto's Lotto Galactic Heroes edition *round 17*

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Prizes this round:
Princess Leia Bespin & Darth Vader
R2-D2 (Jabba's Sail Barge) with Princess Leia
Grand Moff Tarkin & Imperial Officer
Death Star Trooper & Imperial Officer
Plo Koon & Captain Jag
Sandtrooper & Obi-Wan Kenobi
Wedge & TIE Pilot
Princess Leia Endor & Rebel Commando
Jar Jar Binks & Destroyer Droid
Luminara Unduli & Super Battle Droid

Lotto numbers will be picked on Friday, September 11.

A new round will be posted that day with 1 more set of Galactic Heroes added. If the winner doesn't claim their prize within 1 week it goes back into the prize pool.



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Registered forum members can play Watto's Lotto by choosing 3 numbers from 0-9 and posting those numbers in the appropriate week's thread. The winning combination of numbers will not duplicate. For instance, 111 would never be a winning number. Watto's Lotto games will be posted every other Friday. Forum members will have 2 weeks to post their number before the winning number is selected.

There are several ways to win....
A) A player can win everything in the pool for the Lotto by selecting the correct 3 numbers in the correct order. If this happens, this eliminates any other player from winning.

B) A player can win half of what is in the pot by selecting the correct numbers in any order. In the event that two players select the correct numbers in the incorrect order, the entire pool will be split among them. If more than two players select the correct numbers in the incorrect order, the pool is divided evenly among the winning players.

*the amount of figures that a player wins is always rounded down if it cannot be divided evenly.

**Which specific figures multiple winners recieve will be determined by the TBS staff.

***A winner under option A eliminates any option B winners.

After 2 weeks, three winning numbers will be posted. Forum members have up until that point to submit their three numbers. 1 guess per IP address/forum name, members making multiple guesses will be disqualified. The winner has 1 week to claim the prize once a winner has been announced.
Not open for further replies.